18 Best Things To Do In Lucerne In 2024

18 Best Things To Do In Lucerne In 2024

If you want to experience central Switzerland, there’s no better place than Lucerne. Lucerne is a charming city with abundant medieval and Baroque-style architecture and a serene location near Lake Lucerne. It is walkable and has a beautiful old town called Altstadt. Lucerne is also a beautiful base from which to head on day trips to the Swiss Alps or just enjoy waterfront living.

We loved exploring Lucerne’s historic old town, with its narrow side streets, town hall, and medieval squares like Sternenplatz Square. The city also has plenty of amazing cafes and restaurants. The historic Museggmaneur wall, a medieval structure containing nine towers, surrounds the city center. The city also has fabulous museums, like Kunstmuseum Luzern and the Swiss Museum of Transport.

One thing we noticed when we were visiting is that we definitely didn’t come up short when it came to finding fun things to do in Lucerne. The city is actually quite compact and full of character, with waterfront views and an ever-present backdrop of snow-capped mountains. It also has a real sightseeing-on-foot vibe, with cafe culture and densely packed attractions around the city center.

We’ve got 18 of the best things to do in Lucerne lined up for you. We definitely have a soft spot for Switzerland with all its natural beauty and have previously written guides on ultimate Swiss itineraries and the country’s prettiest cities. We’re excited to finally give Lucerne its well-deserved spotlight.

Before we get into these exciting things to do, though, we’ll give you a quick overview in case you’re in a rush. Here’s a quick guide if you need instant ideas.

Best of Lucerne: A Quick Guide

Must See: Swiss Museum of Transport, Richard Wagner Museum Lucerne, Kunstmuseum Luzern, Lake Lucerne, Chapel Bridge, and Glacier Garden of Lucerne.
Where to Stay: Backpackers Luzern ($), Hotel Des Balances ($$), and Mandarin Oriental Palace Luzern ($$$).
Fun To Do: Hike Mt Rigi, walk the old town, shop for Swiss chocolate, and kayak on Lake Lucerne.
Day Trips: Mt Pilatus, a boat ride on Lake Lucerne, and a visit to Jungfraujoch.
Must-try Foods: Cheese fondue, Swiss chocolate, and Alplermagronen. Check out our Swiss Food Guide.

Best Things To Do in Lucerne

Top things to do in Lucerne

How does all that sound so far? If you’re anything like us, those quick snippets of inspiration excite you even more about finding things to do in Lucerne. It really is a hot spot for delicious cuisine (a steaming cheese fondue, anyone?), photogenic architecture, and day trips to areas of natural beauty.

1. Chapel Bridge

Best things to do in Lucerne Chapel Bridge

Chapel Bridge is a must-visit when visiting Lucerne. The covered wooden footbridge, dating back to the 1300s, is one of Lucerne’s most famous landmarks. Chapel Bridge’s roof is adorned with 17th-century art and features a classic stone tower.

It only takes ten minutes or so to cross it, and it’s easy to find on Google Maps, but Chapel Bridge is one of the most memorable things to do in Lucerne. Nothing quite beats the impression of a traditional wooden construction. And looking up at the wooden beams as you cross the planked bridge is really awe-inspiring. Crossing the Chapel Bridge is like stepping into a medieval movie scene.

Chapel Bridge stretches from the south to the north bank over the River Reuss. It’s ideally combined with a visit to Lucerne’s old town and Sternenplatz Square. Chapel Bridge is also free – a massive plus for anyone looking to stretch their dollar further in notoriously expensive Switzerland.

Insider Tip: Visit the Chapel Bridge at night to see Lucerne lit up over the water or in the early morning to avoid the crowds.
Practical Information: The Chapel Bridge is open 24/7 and free to enjoy.

2. Lake Lucerne

Best things to do in Lucerne Cruise on Lake Lucerne

Lake Lucerne is the fourth-largest lake in Switzerland and one of the country’s most famous landmarks, let alone the city’s. The lake is a deep blue-green with an iconic backdrop of snow-capped mountains and typical Swiss greenery. Lucerne is located on the northeast shore of Lake Lucerne, near the mouth of the Reuss River. Lake Lucerne is one of the best places to head if you want a boat ride or to enjoy some waterfront or water activities.

Lake Lucerne is a glacial lake formed in the Ice Age as long as 12,000 years ago—a pretty staggering statistic. To get the best of both worlds, you can combine a walking and boat tour. Or you can take a more budget-conscious panoramic boat ride for 60 minutes on a yacht. If you prefer to stay on hard ground, you can walk Promenade Luzern, a beautiful lakeside promenade.

In summer, Lake Lucerne is a swimming hotspot. At the same time, even in colder weather, a boat ride is the perfect way to admire the mountainous scenery from the water. Lake Lucerne is what makes Lucerne as scenic as it is, so we just had to include it.

Insider Tip: If you are feeling more adventurous, you could tackle the Swiss Path, which follows the entire perimeter of Lake Lucerne. The whole route is 115km, but you can complete just a smaller section if you wish.
Practical Information: Lake Lucerne is accessible at all times of day, with prices and tour times varying per activity.

3. Glacier Garden of Lucerne

Best things to do in Lucerne Glacier Garden

As you know, Lake Lucerne was formed during the Ice Age. This history museum showcases this part of the region’s history; you’ll learn all about Lucerne’s Ice Age history through immersive exhibits. The Glacier Garden of Lucerne is a wonderful addition to your itinerary. It even includes a mirror maze and a manicured garden for an extra fun touch.

If you are interested in geology, Glacier Garden is the attraction for you. We also recommend keeping it as a ‘rainy day’ back up, as it is the ideal way to learn about the great outdoors from the dry indoors. On the off chance you get a drizzly or miserable day, Glacier Garden is a fabulous place to still enjoy embracing the beauty and history of nature.

You can’t say you’ve visited Lucerne until you understand its lakes and dramatic geography. Glacier Garden is where to do this engagingly.

Insider Tip: Take advantage of the cave experience.
Practical Information: Open every day between 10 am and 5 pm at a rate of $22 per adult.

4. Swiss Museum of Transport

Best things to do in Lucerne Swiss Museum of Transport

The Swiss Museum of Transport is one of the most fascinating things to do in Lucerne. This is your best bet if you want a ‘museum experience’ when visiting Lucerne. The museum is a rather eclectic display of all things transport-related. That includes helicopters, planes, trains, and vintage cars. You don’t have to be interested in transport and engineering to find interest in the Swiss Museum of Transport; the diversity of exhibits definitely justifies its spot on this list.

Swiss museum of Transport in Lucerne

There’s a planetarium on site for space travel-related information. There are also regular shows and movie screenings. The Swiss Transport Museum offers a never-ending rotation of immersive experiences.

The Swiss Transport Museum is approximately 2.5km outside Lucerne city center. It takes approximately 35 minutes to walk there or 10 minutes by bus.

Insider Tip: Bring some snacks or budget to buy refreshments, as the Swiss Transport Museum can easily entertain you for a day.
Practical Information: Open 10 am until 5 pm daily and 40 USD for an adult ticket for museum admission.

5. Lion Monument

Dying Lion Monument, Lucerne, Switzerland.

The Lion Monument is a tragic statue of a dying lion carved into the rock face above a tranquil pond. However, the dying lion isn’t just a sad statue. It pays respects to the war heroes of the 1792 Tuileries disaster when around 650 Swiss Guards were slaughtered protecting the monarchy during the French Revolution.

The Swiss Guards were hired as foreign protection to bolster King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette’s security alongside the National Guard and Parisian staff. However, during the peak of the French Revolution at Tuileries Palace, much of the National Guard fled, leaving the monarchs that were hiding vulnerable to attack from the armed public. The Swiss Guards famously held their ground until their dying moments, creating a last wall of defense for the soon-to-be-doomed King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.

Because of this heart-breaking story of loyalty and loss, you can see why the Lion Monument is so important in Lucerne. It is easily one of the most poignant things to do in Lucerne and is located a short walk from the old town of Lucerne.

Insider Tip: Learn the history before you visit so you can fully comprehend the importance and symbolism of the statue.
Practical Information: The Lion Monument is free to enjoy and open 24 hours daily.

6. Grand Casino Luzern

Best things to do in Lucerne Grand Casino

The Grand Casino Luzern is where to head after dark for gambling or classy evening entertainment. You can try your hand at roulette and elaborate card games. Or you can visit one of Lucerne’s most sought-after concert halls – a Baroque style concert hall within the Grand Casino complex. You can catch regular concerts and theater performances.

Grand Casino Luzern is one of the city’s most famed venues. It is one of those spots that is a bit overpriced and hyped. But we’d recommend going still for the experience; it’s a slice of Vegas in sophisticated Switzerland style, which is both fun and indulgent to experience first-hand.

This attraction is located just outside the city center, around a 15-minute walk from Lucerne train station and the old town. It beautifully overlooks Lake Lucerne and is right next to a lovely pedestrian promenade overlooking the lakefront.

Insider Tip: You can treat yourself to lunch or dinner at the Grand Casino Luzern restaurant and dine with views of Lake Lucerne.
Practical Information: Open from 11 am until 3 am from Sunday until Thursday, staying open until 5 am on Fridays and Saturdays. Prices vary per experience.

7. Richard Wagner Museum

Things to do in Lucerne Richard Wagner Museum

For those who don’t know Richard Wagner, he is a famous German composer who lived in Lucerne, Switzerland. He is known for his dramatic composing style and revolutionary influence on Western music, with significant works like The Ring of the Nibelung and The Flying Dutchman. He dabbled heavily in musical journalism and politics, so he was a strong character, massively tuned into the world around him.

The Richard Wagner Museum is set in an idyllic 15th-century country house in which the composer once resided. The neatly block-shaped home has green-painted shutters and white walls; it’s a striking picture of historical countryside living. Inside, visitors enjoy original artifacts and immersive exhibits on Richard Wagner’s life and stories of his fierce nature.

Richard Wagner Museum is a little outside of Lucerne. You can walk from the train station to the museum in around 30 minutes or catch the bus in just under 20 minutes. Beautifully perched on the shores of Lake Lucerne, you can see how it must have inspired Wagner.

Insider Tip: In summer, combine it with a visit to the nearby Ufschotti Luzern, which has a beach area for swimming.
Practical Information: It is open from September to June from Tuesday until Sunday, 10 am until 5 pm. July until August, it opens every day from 10 am until 5 pm. $9 per adult.

8. Walk Sentimattstrasse

Things to do in Lucerne Walk the Sentimatt Strasse
Photo Courtesy of Tanja Muller

Walking Sentimattstrasse is one of the most scenic ways to appreciate the River Reuss in Lucerne. Instead of taking a boat tour, you can grab your comfiest trainers and head along a pedestrian street, admiring the deep green water as you leave the city center.

Sentimattstrasse runs only 15 to 20 minutes from the old town to the St Karil-Brucke bridge, around 40 minutes as an out-and-back trail. It is a short but sweet stroll, ideal with a takeaway coffee to briefly start your morning with some leisurely exercise. If you want to experience the River Reuss from the hard ground, Sentimattstrasse is a beautiful urban hike.

Insider Tip: See if Restaurant Reussfahre, located right on the Sentimattstrasse and offers elegant traditional dining with river views, is open.

9. Jesuit Church

Best things to do in Lucerne Switzerland Jesuit Church
Photo Credit: Laila Bosco

A 17th-century baroque Catholic church is by far one of the most beautiful things to see in Lucerne. The Jesuit Church has intricately painted ceilings and iconic domed turrets on its exterior. It’s a grand church, and you could easily dedicate an hour to sightseeing inside and out. For an extra special experience, see if you can catch an organ recital.

Jesuit Church is located on the south bank of Lucerne’s old town. It sits right on the riverfront, a stunning sight with its beautiful exterior and striking turrets. However, this location also makes it easy to combine the Jesuit Church with other attractions like the Shepherd with Sheep statue and multiple theaters. A theatrical performance, anyone?

The Jesuit Church is free to enter and is a gorgeous example of architecture and religious history. Whether you’re budget-conscious or just intrigued by Catholic history in Switzerland, it’s an ideal attraction in Lucerne.

Insider Tip: Ensure you are dressed conservatively to respectfully enter the Jesuit Church – think covered shoulders, no cleavage, and no offensive t-shirt logos or slogans.
Practical Information: Open 6:30 am until 6:30 pm every day and free to enter.

10. Mount Pilatus

Best things to do in Lucerne Switzerland Mount Pilatus
Photo Couretsy of: Beat Brechbuhl

Mount Pilatus is one of the best mountain excursions you can possibly take from Lucerne. It was an easy decision to add it to these best things to do in Lucerne, especially given that you can choose between a cable car experience or the world’s steepest cogwheel train.

Mount Pilatus is best known for its stunning views of the Swiss Alps and one of the most famous massifs in Switzerland. It has several peaks, but if you opt for a non-hiking experience, you’ll head to Pilatus’ observation station for an observation tower view.

As we mentioned, you can ride the cable car up Mount Pilatus. It takes just under four minutes to reach the top, from where you’ll have a warm place to admire the view from comfortable window seating. If you’re feeling braver, you can hop in the world’s steepest cogwheel railway, which tackles a maximum gradient of 48%. You’ll snake your way up to the station from the ground in around 40 minutes, passing forests and dramatic rock faces.

Insider Tip: The cogwheel railway only operates in summer, so keep this in mind if planning a visit to it especially.
Practical Information: Mount Pilatus remains open all year round, with its cable cars running from around 9 am until 5 pm daily, with times shifting slightly on a seasonal basis.

11. Historisches Museum Luzern

Best things to do in Lucerne Switzerland Historisches Museum Luzern

Historisches Museum Luzern is ideal for typical museum lovers. It is a relatively small museum in a striking white building initially built to house the city’s armory. The Lucerne History Museum now holds the region’s most fascinating tales and valuable artifacts – a dreamy attraction for anyone historically minded.

It has stories of nearby battles like the Battle of Sempach, even exhibiting the chainmail of Duke Leopold of Habsburg, who died during the fighting. The mixture of exhibits is fascinating. And the stories help bring Lucerne’s old town to life even more.

If you visit Lucerne, it pays to know its backstory. Historisches Museum Luzern is a real treasure trove, showcasing everything from weapons to ancient wheelchairs in over 3,000 exhibits. This museum is both eclectic and engaging, which won it some serious brownie points.

Insider Tip: Some people are put off by the quirkiness of this museum. We recommend going with an open mind and embracing its quirkiness to get the most rewarding experience.
Practical Information: Open from Tuesday until Sunday from 10 am until 5 pm.

12. Sammlung Rosengart

Best things to do in Lucerne Switzerland Sammlung Rosengart

Sammlung Rosengart is a fantastic 19th and 20th-century art collection focusing on the one-and-only Picasso. Despite its small size, it has a ridiculously impressive Picasso collection. Any Picasso enthusiasts or art lovers wanting to tick off seeing works of the ‘greats’ will love Sammlung Rosengart and its unassuming nature.

In addition to Picasso, Sammlung Rosengart houses works by artists such as Paul Klee, Monet, and Kandinsky. It is an absolute treasure trove.

This art gallery sits in a beautiful neoclassical building with spacious exhibit rooms. Artwork from Impressionism and Classic Modernism is so striking to admire that Sammlung Rosengart is suitable for all visitors. But for enthusiasts, it should be at the top of your Lucerne itinerary just because of its big-name collections.

Insider Tip: Look at the themed tour options online for an extra-special experience.
Practical Information: Open from 11 am until 5 pm every day from November until March and 10 am until 6pm from April to October. Tickets cost $23 per adult.

13. Zytturm

Zytturm is part of the Musegg Wall and one of its nine towers—which we’ll cover in more detail later. However, Zytturm is extra special enough to justify a visit in its own right, so we are giving it an independent spot in this guide. The tower dates back to around 1403 and features a beautiful clock face. For those wanting a more unique museum experience, you can stop by its museum of antique timepieces.

Zytturm is a novelty attraction in Lucerne. It only takes around 30 minutes to get the most out of this attraction, making it one of the easiest things to squeeze into a Lucerne itinerary.

Zytturm is located just north of the old town, with access from the Musegg Wall. The wall walk opens seasonally, but when it closes, you can enjoy views of the clock face from street view.

Insider Tip: Make sure to see the working clock machinery.
Practical Information: 8 am until 7 pm through summer.

14. Meggenhorn

Best things to do in Lucerne Switzerland Castle Meggenhorn

Who doesn’t want to visit a castle at some point in their life? Switzerland has that magical fairytale vibe down to a tee, so it should be no shock that a castle has wiggled its way onto our list of best things to do in Lucerne. Meggenhorn Castle is a grand 19th-century masterpiece sitting on the Lake Lucerne waterfront. With sharp turrets and a stately manicured garden, it is like something out of a Disney scene.

The grounds of Meggenhorn are open daily, so you can admire the dramatic exterior and enjoy the views. If you visit between April and October, you can also tour the private living quarters each Sunday afternoon. If your trip coincides with this rarer opportunity, we recommend taking it with both hands.

Meggenhorn castle is just 30 minutes from Lucerne by bus, which you can catch from Lucerne train station. You ride the bus for nearly 15 minutes, walking the final stretch on foot down a scenic country road.

Insider Tip: Visit some of the nearby observation decks for different views of the castle.

15. Kunstmuseum Luzern

Things to do inn Lucerne Kunstmuseum Luzern

Kunstmuseum Luzern is a thriving art museum spread across a modern building on the outskirts of Lucerne. Visiting is one of the best things to do in Lucerne if you are passionate about art. It houses everything from Renaissance pieces to modern abstract art, although it does have a particular focus on the 19th century. The most famous pieces to keep your eyes out for are artwork by David Hockney and Turner.

We’d recommend Kunstmuseum Luzern even more so on a rainy day, as it is an engaging indoor attraction. You can easily spend half a day exploring its multiple exhibition floors.

The art museum is just a few minutes from the old town – a short walk past the gorgeous Torbogen Luzern landmark. It is convenient and enthralling, with quickfire exhibits on bold character artists that can keep even the least artistic-minded tourist occupied.

Insider Tip: Visit on a Wednesday evening until 9 pm to enjoy late-night access. The first Sunday of each month is also free entry.
Practical Information: It is open Tuesday through Sunday from 11 am to 6 pm and Wednesdays until 9 pm. Tickets cost $17 per adult.

16. See the Nine Towers

Things to do in Lucerne View from Guetsch palace of the 9 towers

The Musegg Wall famously features nine tours and envelopes in Lucerne’s historic old town. Nowadays, you can walk the Musegg Wall and admire the preserved history up close. You should also keep your eye out for the animals that call the medieval wall home, including rare bird species like jackdaws and goosanders.

The wall dates back to the 13th century. It includes the following towers: Nolli, Mannli, Luegisland, Heu, Syt, Schirmer, Pulver, Allenwinden, and Dachli. Most impressively, you get stunning views over Lake Lucerne and see Lucerne’s old town from a rooftop vantage point. It’s a fascinating way to put yourself in a medieval perspective of Lucerne.

Allow around 45 minutes to an hour to walk the Musegg Wall. The wall is around 30 meters high and has lots of viewpoints, so if you want extra photo time, leave even more time. We’d suggest getting there early to beat the crowds.

Insider Tip: Make sure to admire the floodlight towers at night.
Practical Information: Only open seasonally from March until November. Free to enjoy.

17. Mt Rigi

Best things to do in Lucerne Mt. Rigi

Mt. Rigi is where to head for stunning views and is one of the best things to do in Lucerne if you want to explore its surrounding mountains. The massif is much more accessible than Mt Pilatus, offering easy summer hiking and an all-year-round cogwheel railway. In winter, you can catch the train up Mt Rigi to enjoy snowshoeing and winter trails. While in summer, the bright greenery makes for idyllic hiking.

As if all that wasn’t enough, Mt Rigi also has a spa. The Mineral Baths and Spa Rigi Kaltbad is one of the most beautifully located spa choices in the whole of Switzerland. The spa sits perched with fantastic views over Lucerne and the lake. Bathers can enjoy an indoor complex with crystal spas, steam rooms, and saunas leading out into a massive outdoor pool with massage jets and panoramic mountain views.

We’d suggest taking the train up to Mt. Rigi for a short walk before visiting the spa. It’s the perfect balance between outdoor adventure and self-care.

Insider Tip: The 3-hour Mount Rigi Panorama Trail and Cliff Walk are best for hiking beginners.
Practical Information: Mount Rigi is open 24/7, but access is limited regarding train times, which generally run between 7 am and 8 pm in winter, varying across seasons.

going shopping in Lucerne Switzerland

One of the easiest things to recommend doing in Lucerne is to go shopping. Switzerland is associated with many things, such as chocolate or Swiss army knives. Whatever souvenir you envision, there’ll be an inspirational choice for you on sale in Lucerne.

The old town is the most fun place to shop in Lucerne, although prices are a bit steeper to reflect this. The Old Swiss Shop is exquisite, with kitschy memorabilia inside, like cowbells and cuckoo clocks. You may also want to treat yourself to a Swiss army knife (especially if you are a camping or expedition lover), chocolate, or cheeses. Check with your airline to see what is okay to fly home.

Shopping is a great late-morning activity in Lucerne, with many shops opening around 10 am. You can go to the old town for souvenirs and sightseeing in the afternoon.

FAQs For Things to Do in Lucerne, Switzerland

Top things to do in Lucerne Festival
Photo Credit: Laila Bosco

Now that you know the best things to do in Lucerne, what about the practical details and commonly asked questions? Everyone has a lingering question or two after hearing about an inspirational place to visit. Here are a few answers to the most common burning questions.

Is Lucerne Switzerland worth visiting?

Absolutely. It provides you with a stunning base for the Swiss Alps. It has a great city culture of its own, with a compact city center and plenty of medieval architecture for ‘wow’ photos.

What is Lucerne famous for?

Lucerne is famous for being the gateway to central Switzerland. It has the perfect location for sightseeing amongst the Alps and experiencing waterfront living along the shores of Lake Lucerne.

Is Lucerne a walkable city?

Lucerne is large, but most tourist attractions are within the city center, making it mostly walkable. If you just want to sightsee around the old town, Lucerne is definitely walkable.

Why is Lucerne so famous?

Lucerne is famous because it is the most major city in central Switzerland. Despite its beautiful location in the Swiss Alps next to Lake Lucerne, it is a real hub and symbol of urban living.

Tips And Information For Visiting

Tips for visiting Lucerne Switzerland

It pays to be practical when looking for things to do in Lucerne. In this section, we’ll help you understand when and how to visit Lucerne. Here are the juicy but important details you need to plan a great trip.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Lucerne is in May or September. These are the shoulder months when the weather is mild and walking trails are accessible, yet you can still dodge the summer crowds. If you want to see snow-capped mountains, May is the optimal choice, with lingering snow still sitting on the peaks in the first half of the month.

Lucerne itself is gorgeous from June to August, but everyone knows it, so you’ll have thick crowds to contend with. We’d suggest swerving peak season and opting for shoulder seasons instead.

Getting There

For international travelers departing from outside Europe, flying is the easiest way to reach Lucerne. Zurich International Airport is the best arrival choice, from which you can catch a 70-minute direct train to Lucerne. The train station in Lucerne is just a short walk from the old town.

For international travelers departing from mainland Europe, you have more options. You could catch a long-distance bus, a road trip to Lucerne, or a long-distance European train. There’s a massive push towards encouraging flight-free travel across Europe, so choose one of these alternatives if you can.

Getting Around

The old town is a breeze to explore on foot, and the vast majority of tourist attractions in Lucerne are easy to reach in a short walk.

If you want to venture out of the city center to Lucerne’s outskirts – incidentally to attractions like the Swiss Museum of Transport – you can rely on an excellent public transport system. A Zone 10 pass covers nearly all of the city and costs just CHF 8 per day (about $9). There are taxis, but we’d suggest sticking to public transport as much as possible because taxis are notoriously expensive in Lucerne.

If you want to embark on day trips without renting a car, you’ll find plenty of guided tours, a bonus of Lucerne being such a city hub.

How Much Time Do You Need

Four to five days is an ideal amount of time to spend in Lucerne, as it allows you to take a day trip to places like Mt Rigi while also sightseeing the city center at leisure. Four to five days is the optimum stay if you want to experience the surrounding areas of natural beauty and not feel rushed.

Three days is the minimum you should spend in Lucerne and is ideal for those not wanting to stray out of the city.

Where To Stay in Lucerne, Switzerland

Best hotels in Lucerne Switzerland

There are so many beautiful places to visit in Switzerland. When staying in Lucerne, you want to ensure that your accommodation does the city justice.

Alstadt is the old town; super central and packed with medieval architecture, it is best for first-time visitors. Tribschen is Lucerne’s red-light district-turned-beachfront residential neighborhood, a great choice for anyone wanting a quiet city experience. Finally, commercial Neustadt is where to stay if you want a more modern vibe without the crowds of the old town but still within easy walking distance of the action.

Here are some of the best hotels in Lucerne for all budgets

Luxury: Mandarin Oriental Palace Luzern is a celeb-worthy 5-star hotel overlooking Lake Lucerne that offers a garden, terrace, and an onsite restaurant and bar.
Mid Range: Hotel Des Balances is a gorgeous 4-star hotel on the Reuss River with tasteful rooms, some offering landmark views.
Budget: Backpackers Luzern is a much-loved hostel balancing the budget of this traditionally expensive city; it offers a trendy shared lounge and kitchen.

Why We Fell In Love With Lucerne

Why we recommend Lucerne Old Town
Photo Credit: Laila Bosco

Picturesque Lucerne is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in Switzerland. It has world-class museums, grand buildings, and spectacular access to some of the country’s most beautiful mountains and scenic railways—especially Mount Pilatus’ cogwheel train. Give yourself at least three days to experience all the best things to do in Lucerne.

Are you interested in inspiration for visiting Switzerland as a whole, not just Lucerne? It’s a great idea to maximize your visit. For nature lovers, here’s a quick insight into the best hikes in Switzerland. If you fly into Zurich International Airport, you could squeeze in some of the best things to do in Zurich before catching the train to Lucerne.

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