18 Beautiful Amalfi Coast Towns to Visit in 2023

18 Beautiful Amalfi Coast Towns to Visit in 2023

Ladies and gentlemen, we present the Amalfi Coast. An absolute must in every southern Italy itinerary, the Amalfi Coast is a stretch of glitzy town after town with – what seems like – a sandy beach at every turn. Overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, this section of the beautiful coastline is full of things to do. In fact, the Amalfi Coast towns and scenery are so spectacular that people even factor the coastline in as a day trip from Rome. Visiting the Amalfi Coast is consistently ranked as one of the top things to do in Italy, and its towns are the best of the bunch.

Choosing an Amalfi Coast Town

There are so many beautiful Amalfi Coast towns. In this guide, we’ll cover the best places to visit along the Amalfi Coast. You don’t even need an Amalfi Coast map – these incredible spots are listed in east-to-west order.

Amalfi Coast Map

Amalfi Coast Map

Planning Your Trip To The Amalfi Coast Right Now?

Below are some of the top tours on the Amalfi Coast. Don’t forget to plan ahead when visiting Italy!

Top Activities and Tours on the Amalfi Coast:

1. Vietri Sul Mare

Amalfi coast Towns Vietri Sul Mare

Vietri Sul Mare is a beautiful coastal town and the only town on the coast with its own train station. It has a classy vibe, with burned orange rooftops and bright white buildings. On the far east of the Amalfi Coast, Vietri Sul Mare is the closest town to the major city of Salerno. And as far as accessibility goes, it is one of the easiest day trip spots. Busy, well-connected, and full of nightlife, Vietri Sul Mare is a brilliant place to experience ‘larger than life’ Amalfi.

Amalfi coast Towns Vietri Sul Mare2

Vietri Sul Mare isn’t all sandy beaches and beach clubs, despite being one of the more modernized Amalfi coast towns. Culturally, Vietri Sul Mare offers a lot, including the Museo della Ceramica Vietrense – a museum dedicated to colorful ceramics. The vineyard Le Vigne di Raito is another must-visit. Vietri Sul Mare has a definite slow pace and an extroverted personality.

Best way to get here: Train from Salerno, bus, rental car, or ferry.

Top activities: Museo della Ceramica Vietrense, Le Vigne di Raito, and Chiesa Parrocchiale di San Giovanni Battista.

2. Cetara

Amalfi coast Towns Cetara

Cetara is classy to its heart and easily one of the best Amalfi Coast towns. Typical of the region’s smallest towns, Cetara doesn’t have many attractions and instead offers more of a traditional all-around aesthetic. The small town has the Torre di Cetara – a massive tower on the east end of the beach that dates back to the 14th century – and a large, extravagantly decorated Catholic church in the town center. Cetara definitely gives off more of a fishing village vibe than a town.

So if you want somewhere compact and cultural (without appearing as ‘try hard’ by museum cramming), Cetara is one of the most natural towns on the Amalfi Coast. The Amalfi town is where to visit for a beach day amid beautiful architecture and family-run cafes and restaurants.

Best way to get here: Bus, ferry, or rental car.

Top activities: Torre di Cetara, Chiesa Parrocchiale di S. Pietro Apostolo, and the beach.

3. Erchie

Amalfi coast Towns Erchie

Erchie is tiny. And by tiny, we mean that if you blink, you’ll almost miss it. As you drive out of Cetara, pay close attention to a left-hand turndown Via Provinciale – the only road that takes you in and out of little Erchie. The village has a lovely beach on a dramatically rocky coastline. Spiaggia del Cauco is a quiet beach, only reachable by regular paddle boats and canoes from a neighboring beach. It is overlooked by Torre La Cerniola, an exclusive wedding venue atop a sheer cliff with a traditional watchtower and terrace.

Erchie doesn’t have much else apart from a handful of bar restaurants. However, it is great fun for a day trip spent on the beach. And the hidden aspect of the village’s second beach, Spiaggia del Cauco, gives it an adventurous vibe if you want to spice things up.

Best way to get here: Bus or rental car

Top activities: Spiagga del Cauco, Spiaggia di Erchie, and cafes.

4. Maiori

Amalfi coast Towns Maiori

Maiori might be a small coastal town, but it is by no means under the radar, and trust us, it never has been. Maiori has been a popular holiday destination since the Roman times, and you can still visit the Roman villas and historical sites left in the town and its almost directly adjacent town, Minori. The two towns run into each other, with town centers just a 20-minute walk apart. While we will treat them as different destinations for this guide, it is good to remember that you can complete both towns (and their respective attractions) in a single excursion.

This Amalfi Coast town is packed with history – from the medieval period and beyond – and is somewhere to visit if you want historical attractions and sightseeing. Picture castles, Roman villas, and hikes to historical churches. Maiori itineraries are full of more than local food and a small beach. So this town is best suited to go-getter types of tourists.

Best way to get here: Rental car, bus, or ferry.

Top activities: Palazzo Mezzacapo Gardens, Villa Romana e Antiquarium, Sentiero dei Limoni, and Spiaggia di Maiori.

5. Tramonti

Amalfi coast Towns Tramonti

However, before we venture west to Minori, let’s quickly cover Tramonti. Tramoniti is one of the most mountainous collections of Amalfi Coast villages you can visit. And to get to this mountain area, you’ll need to drive or catch a bus (or otherwise brave an hour and 20 minutes on foot just one way from Maoiri). Tramonti is much more agricultural than the touristy towns and villages along the shoreline. It is where you’ll find olive groves, farmers grazing sheep, and lemon trees.

Historically, many believe Tramonti to have been founded by Romans. The area isn’t actually just one village or town, but a collection of hamlets – aka very small villages. Expect hikes and stunning coastline views, a significant bonus of heading up into the mountains for a better vantage point. Heading to Tramonti is one of the best ways to get a scenic panorama of the coast below.

Best way to get here: Car or bus.

Top activities: Viewpoints, Falesia Pietrapiana climbing area, Malopasso hikes, and cafe hopping

6. Minori

Amalfi coast Towns Minori

Minori is Maiori’s little historical counterpart. Like its neighbor, out of all towns on the Amalfi Coast, this Amalfi town is one of the most historically significant. You can expect far more than just a sandy beach. Minori has Roman attractions and lots of culture on offer – plus fantastic access to the path of the lemons and the scenic hike that links Maiori and Minori. If you decide to hike this path, be prepared for steep staircase after steep staircase; there are almost 400 steps along the way. A day trip to Minori is spent at its Roman Villa and Museum, hiking the lemon path, and checking out fantastic architecture like the Santa Trofimena church.

It is impossible not to love little Minori. Despite its modest size, it has a huge character and offers a packed full-day itinerary. It is also amazingly combined with a visit to Maiori or Tramonti.

Best way to get here: Car, ferry, or bus.

Top activities: Roman Villa and Museum, Santa Trofimena church, and scenic hike.

7. Ravello

Best Amalfi coast towns Ravello

Ravello is one of the prettiest Amalfi coast towns, set slightly in the mountains with a stunning vantage point over the coastline below. This Amalfi Coast town is most famous for the luxury hotel Villa Cimbrone, specifically Villa Cimbrone Gardens. However, if you are looking for an attraction, not a hotel, Villa Rufolo is equally beautiful, and you can visit to see its infinity terrace overlooking the ocean. Ravello is very much a resort town on the Amalfi Coast. It is all about good food, wine, and Amalfi views. And to top off this cultural atmosphere, there’s even a grand auditorium in the little town. Oscar Niemeyer Auditorium is a bizarrely curved concert hall hosting regular events.

Ravello is somewhere to stay for a definite culture fix. It thrives on its collection of art, music, architecture, and beautiful views.

Best way to get here: Bus, ferry then bus/walk, and drive.

Top activities: Oscar Niemeyer Auditorium, Villa Cimbrone, and Villa Rufolo.

8. Scala

Best Towns on the Amalfi Coast Scala

Scala is another gem amongst the mountainous towns on the Amalfi Coast. Despite being one of the main 13 towns on the Amalfi Coast, Scala doesn’t attract anywhere near the crowds that major hubs like Positano see. Scala is still a brilliant candidate if you are looking for lesser-visited day trips along the Amalfi Coast.

It might shock you, given its quieter vibe, but Scala is actually the oldest town on the Amalfi Coast. It is said to have been founded after a shipwreck in the 4th Century AD, meaning the Romans created this spot. Scala is one of the most beautiful towns and one of the most historically significant in the Campania region. The perfect day in Scala is spent wandering between different historical churches and enjoying the dramatic views down to the ocean.

Best way to get here: Car, bus, or ferry then bus/walk.

Top activities: Churches, views, and cafes.

9. Atrani

Amalfi coast Towns Atrani

Atrani is the Amalfi Coast town that would arrive overdressed to any party. Out of all the towns on the Amalfi Coast, Atrani is the most colorful and dramatic. Its buildings are bright yellows, pinks, oranges, with extra details like green rooftop domes and blue-painted shutters. The town screams authenticity with cobbled streets and a road propped up by archways that jut up from the beach and are illuminated at night. Atrani is a peacock against the rocky cliffs of the Amalfi coastline. It is photogenic and, to be honest, very fairytale-esque.

Atrani is somewhere along the coast that you should consider basing yourself for a few days. It is a little eccentric, and you need more than a day to appreciate its vibrant scenes. Plus, it is an excellent base to explore other Amalfi Coast towns while visiting.

Best way to get here: Ferry, car, or bus.

Top activities: Collegiate Santa Maria Maddalena, Spiaggia di Atrani, and Via Valle de Dragone

10. Amalfi

Best Amalfi coast towns Amalfi Town

Next up is the namesake of all the Amalfi Coast towns. If you had an Amalfi Coast map, you’d see that Amalfi is centrally located right in the heart of the coastline, and it’s one of the main hubs of all the towns on the Amalfi Coast. Amalfi sees some gorgeous sunsets from its beautiful beach, Tonino’s Beach. And it also has plenty of attractions to justify it as one of the coast’s top day trips. You can stop by Duomo di Amalfi, a grand medieval cathedral with architecture that would fit in a Game of Thrones scene. Or you can visit the Diocesan Museum of Amalfi or Antico Arsenale della Repubblica di Amalfi – a museum dedicated to a rich history of local maritime.

Best towns on the Amalfi Coast Driving

Amalfi is well-suited to its name, like a little microcosm of the Amalfi Coast towns and the wider region. It is full of beautiful architecture and exciting attractions, and Amalfi is where to visit for a summary of the different towns. If you plan on driving most of the Amalfi coastline, prioritize a stop at Amalfi.

Best way to get here: Bus, car, or ferry.

Top activities: Diocesan Museum of Amalfi, Tonino’s Beach, and Antico Arsenale della Repubblica di Amalfi.

11. Conca dei Marini

Best Towns on the Amalfi Coast Conca dei Marini Emerald Grotto

Conca dei Marini is stunning, and we really mean it. This town is set on such a dramatic section of cliff that it is almost built on a vertical cliff face. Conca dei Marini juts up from rocky swim spots with brightly colored buildings ranging from light pinks to intense yellows. Once little more than a fishing village terrorized regularly by pirates, Conca dei Marini is now one of the most exclusive places on the Amalfi Coast. The town has breathtaking views and is an absolute guarantee on any boat tour worth its salt. If you can, spend a full day here.

From Conca dei Marini, you can visit the Emerald Grotto, aka Grotta dello Smeraldo. This bright green sea cave is created from refracted light and is 30 meters high. It was discovered by local fishermen and can be reached by boat or a steep staircase from the Amalfitana highway.

Best way to get here: Guided tour, bus, or car.

Top activities: Emerald Grotto, viewpoints, the beach, and cafes.

12. Furore

Best Amalfi Coast Towns Furore

If you want a town with a statement aesthetic, Furore is the one. Only a few Amalfi Coast towns have ‘feature’ style bridges (the sort of bridges that become attractions in themselves). So crossing the narrow gorge of Fiordo di Furore to enter the town becomes a double novelty thanks to its dramatic arched bridge. This popular destination has a real sense of individuality. And, since the Amalfi Coast is famed for its beautiful beaches, it’s only fitting to visit one of its smallest beaches – a tiny beach unnamed by Google at the end of Fiordo di Furore.

Furore is somewhere to stop and admire the unique town layout before kicking back on the beach. It might be small, but it certainly packs a punch with its striking gray stone buildings and dramatic bridge.

Best way to get here: Bus or car.

Top activities: The Fiordo di Furore beach, Fiordo di Furore, and the bridge.

13. Pianillo

Amalfi coast Towns Pianillo

Ready for a hiking day trip? Pianillo is the best town if you want to get up to the mountain trails in this section of the Amalfi Coast. You drive up from the main highway (or enjoy a bus ride if you’d prefer), curving up some dizzying switchbacks as you pass through other towns like San Michele on your way.

Once you reach Pianillo, you are absolutely spoiled by some of the best hiking trails on the coastline. Pianillo is very much a hiking destination. So bring a camera and hiking boots. Path of the Gods is one of the most famous routes in Pianillo, alongside the slightly trickier Tre Callii Mountain, which offers 360-degree views of the Amalfi Coast. From Tre Calli Mountain, you can even see Capri on a clear day.

Best Amalfi coast towns Hiking Pianillo

Of course, Pianillo isn’t all about hiking. You can admire views more sedately from the viewing platform at Parco Corona – Bomerano. Or just enjoy fresh local cuisine at the numerous restaurants and cafes in the town.

Best way to get here: Bus or car.

Top activities: Tre Callii Mountain, Path of the Gods, and Parco Corona – Bomerano.

14. Praiano

Amalfi coast Towns Praiano

Praiano is one of the Amalfi Coast towns right on the oceanfront and the best place to visit for an intense aesthetic. The shoreline of Praiano is dramatic and full of character, with the squeezed sunbathers on the alcove beach, Marina di Praia, and historical ruins of the Torre Asciola to the east. Praiano’s coast is rocky and unhospitable looking in sections, with alcoves and sea caves scooped out of the cliffs randomly.

And a rocky outcrop sits offshore as a tiny jagged island. Luckily for Praiano, its rather wild first impression is rescued by much more hospitably colored buildings and a maze of pastel-painted private residences. It is also a prime hiking destination, with access to the Path of the Gods from Praiano, which snakes up into the mountains above the town.

Praiano is now visited as one of the most aesthetic spots along the Amalfi Coast. If you book a boat tour, you can almost guarantee it will stop at Praiano. It is one of the most iconic towns on the Amalfi Coast. Even if you visit for a day trip, we suggest squeezing Praiano onto your itinerary.

Best way to get here: Car or bus.

Top activities: Path of the Gods, Marina di Praia, and Torre Ascoila.

15. Nocelle

Amalfi coast Towns Nocelle

Nocelle is the definition of a small-town hidden gem. Frequently described as an ‘ancient hamlet,’ Nocelle sits above the organized chaos of Positano in a comfy little perch overlooking the ocean and coastline below. It is accessible on foot from Positano by a 1,700-step staircase or, if you aren’t feeling the attack on your quads, by car or bus. Nocelle is a highly strategic town, historically speaking. Centuries ago, when pirate raids were rampant along the Amalfi Coast towns, the high-ground vantage point was not only less accessible but a useful watch tower.

Nocelle is an amazing day trip from Positano. It is also a hiking hotspot, with direct access to the beautiful Path of the Gods. If you want to get out of the primary tourist radar, Nocelle is an incredible place on the Amalfi Coast. It sees much fewer tourists than elsewhere on the coast.

Best way to get here: Bus, car, or hike.

Top activities: Path of the Gods, Nocelle to Positano hike, viewpoints, and cafes.

16. Arienzo

Beautiful Towns on the Amalfi Coast Arienzo

Arienzo is a tiny village on the Amalfi Coast, most famous for the Arienzo Beach Club. The beach has a regular shuttle of partiers from Positano. It is an absolute hive of cocktails and blaring music between partying hours. However, get the best of both worlds by basing yourself on Arienzo. You can enjoy the partying and the village atmosphere when the partying finishes and the boats return to Positano. At these quieter times, you have spots in Arienzo, like Vallone Porto, to explore. This scenic hiking area is a stunning network of trails from which you spot waterfalls and enjoy beautiful scenery.

If you wish, you can journey to Nocelle easily from Arienzo to start the Path of the Gods trail. Or you can take a day trip to the busier Positano. Arienzo is too often day-tripped, too, when actually it makes the perfect base for day trips to other places.

Best way to get here: Bus or car.

Top activities: Path of the Gods’ trail, Vallone Porto, and Arienzo Beach Club.

17. Positano

Beautiful Amalfi Coast Town of Positano

You are definitely already familiar with Positano – or at least will realize you’ve seen it before once you check out some Positano pictures. Countless movies have been filmed in this central Amalfi town, and Positano has some serious wow factor. If you want somewhere that is equal parts electric and equal parts a beautiful, relaxed atmosphere, Positano is for you. Positano has an undeniably luxurious undercurrent thanks to its Hollywood paychecks and plethora of luxury hotels. However, it has a slow, indulgent pace that literally forces you into relaxation.

Amalfi Coast Towns Positano views

Positano’s clifftop roads are full of scenic pullovers where you can admire the ocean views and indulge in freshly squeezed lemon juice from a street vendor. And you can laze on the beach during the day before enjoying some upscale nightlife after dark. If you stay on the Amalfi Coast, Positano is one of the most popular bases. It is one of the largest towns and has many attractions (make sure to research where to stay in Positano because it has some distinct different areas).

Best way to get here: Car, bus, or guided tour.

Top activities: MAR Positano Villa Romana, Le Tese di Positano, Belvedere Santa Maria del Castello, Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta, and Arienzo Beach Club Positano.

18. Nerano

Amalfi coast Towns Nerano

Nerano is the most western of all these Amalfi Coast towns and villages. Most people tick off the significant towns between Positano and Salerno and call it a day. So by venturing out to Nerano, you are really treating yourself to an off-the-beaten-path experience. The town is overlooked by the ruins of the castle Torre di Montalto atop a rocky hill, and Nerano feels almost entirely cut off from the modern world thanks to its surrounding nature reserves and dense undergrowth. What more could you want when trying to escape the crowds of other camera-happy tourists?

Amalfi coast Towns Nerano2

So, what does Nerano actually offer as a destination? The village itself has been around for centuries and was actually a favorite spot of the emperor Tiberius Nerone (the village namesake). The emperor chose the quiet fishing village as his summer residence, and it’s easy to see why. The village sits in the vast Punta Campanella Natural Marine Reserve, surrounded by beautiful beaches and wildlife. You can kick back on Spiaggia La Perla beach, hike Sentireo Baia di Leranto, or just enjoy local cuisine. As you may expect, the local seafood is sublime – with the freshest catch and shortest food-to-plate journey. It is a top place to visit on the coast for great food. It is an amazing place to enjoy incredible food and a tiny but historic center.

Best way to get here: Bus, bike, or car.

Top activities: Punta Campanella Natural Marine Reserve, Spiaggia La Perla beach, eating local seafood, and hiking Sentireo Baia di Leranto.

Amalfi Coast FAQS

FAQ on the Best towns on the Amalfi Coast

Ticking off any of these Amalfi Coast towns is bucket list worthy. Visit the main towns and UNESCO sites, but don’t fear getting off the beaten track either. The Amalfi Coast has the best of both worlds. But before you go, pay attention to these commonly asked FAQs.

What are the 13 towns on the Amalfi Coast?

The 13 Amalfi Coast towns are Amalfi, Atrani, Cetara, Conca dei Marini, Furore, Maiori, Minori, Positano, Praiano, Ravello, Scala, Tramonti, and Vietri sul Mare.

What are the Amalfi Coast towns in order?

From east to west, the Amalfi Coast towns run from Vietri sul Mare, Cetara, Maoiri, Tramonti, Minori, Ravello, Scala, Atrani, Amalfi, Conca dei Marini, Furore, Praiano, and Positano.

What towns are between Amalfi and Positano?

Conca dei Marini, Praiano, Laurito, and Furore are all between Amalfi and Positano.

To Conclude

Other Amalfi Coast towns you should visit

Amalfi Coast towns are something else, and all the towns and villages in this guide are worth visiting- even for a day trip. Day trips to this incredible coastline are extremely popular in southern Italy. And with so many bus and ferry routes, you don’t necessarily need a rental car. The Amalfi Coast has a stunning aesthetic, with traditional houses that spill from the mountains to the sandy shores.

If you stay on the Amalfi Coast, you can still take amazing day trips. You could tick off a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a Pompeii day trip. You could go on a day trip to Capri – where you explore historical sites and the Blue Grotto. Or you could even tick off one of the major cities in Italy.

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