24 Best Day Trips from Paris in 2023

24 Best Day Trips from Paris in 2023

Paris is so mesmerizing you might wonder why on Earth you’d want to leave – even just on a day trip. Don’t get sucked into this line of thinking, though, as Paris is surrounded by some spectacular attractions and day trips, some of which are accessible by direct trains in only two hours or less. You could be heading to Disneyland Paris, walking the royal apartments of Versailles, or taking in the somber history of the Normandy D-Day Beaches. There are tons of incredible day trips from Paris.

Top Paris Day Trips

In this guide, we’ll cover the best day trips from Paris. These are all super easy day trips to organize. For the majority of these trips from Paris, you won’t need a car or shuttle – just have to get yourself to a train station. A day trip from Paris by train is cheap and eco-friendly, a massive win-win. And even the shuttle bus day trip options are much more sustainable, thanks to the group numbers. Ready to be inspired by some fabulous day trip options? Let’s get started.

1. D-Day Landing Beaches

Best day trips from paris D-Day Landing-Beaches

The D-Day landing beaches are one of the most somber day trips from Paris that you can possibly take. The Normandy D-Day beaches were where Allied soldiers launched an attack across 50 miles of coastline. The attack was entirely catastrophic, only eventually succeeding through sheer grit. It was further aided by Hitler’s refusal to send reinforcements to Normandy, thinking it was a diversionary tactic. Estimates and historical records suggest that around 210,000 Allied casualties resulted from the D-Day landing in World War II. It is marked as one of the biggest tragedies in World War history. It is easily one of the most memorable day trips from Paris.

Aside from the D-Day Landing Beaches, France’s Normandy region is stunning. It is a nice change from the big city atmosphere to head to the coastline. And while there are no public transport options, you can take many guided tours, including a shuttle service from Paris. You can opt for a small group tour or go private to splurge a little. The drive is approximately 3 hours and 25 minutes one way, but definitely worth it. You can check out the D-Day Museum and hop along the different beaches on your day trip.

2. Disneyland Paris

Best day trips from paris Disneyland Paris

Who hasn’t heard of Disneyland Paris? Disneyland Paris is one of the most iconic Paris day trips. All of Walt Disney Studios Park is childhood magic – from costumed characters to themed rides and delicious food. The entertainment resort has two theme parks, a vast selection of resort hotels, shopping, and entertainment facilities, and even a golf course (for the dads looking to escape princesses for a day). Set in Walt Disney Studios Park, Disneyland Paris is massive. It is one of the best family day trips, but it definitely demands an entire day or weekend trip. There’s much to do and see, and you’ll want to allow extra time for queues.

Disneyland Paris is just 40 minutes away from the city center of Paris. The Walt Disney Studios Park is an absolute breeze to navigate – you can hop on a direct line from Gare de Lyon or grab this deal which includes transport from Paris!

3. Mont Saint Michel

Best day trips from paris Mont saint Michel

Mont Saint Michel is a dramatic-looking tidal island situated between Normandy and Brittany. As far as UNESCO World Heritage Sites go, Mont Saint Michel is top-tier. And, honestly, it has been plastered across so many magazine covers and travel agent windows that you’ll have likely seen it before. Mont Saint Michel has a gothic-style Benedictine abbey, and the abbey and island are named after the archangel Saint Michael. The island is totally craggy looking – sitting on a rocky islet with its silhouette rising up in a mound of traditional stone buildings, finishing at a point with the spire of its abbey.

You can drive to Mont Saint Michel in 4 hours from Paris or take a shuttle bus. Alternatively, take the rapid 2.5-hour train from Paris to Dol-de-Bretagne train station and a 30-minute taxi to Mont Saint Michel. The final option is to jump on this tour that leaves from Paris!

4. Loire Valley Castles

Best Paris Day Trips Loire Valley Castles

The Loire Valley castles are thick with rich history, a lineage of French kings, and hiking trails that come alive in summer months. Loire Valley is always mentioned as far as day trips from Paris go. The combination of stunning scenery and French history is just impossible to resist. The Loire Valley has approximately 300 castles in just a 175-mile stretch of land around its river. The most popular are Château de Chenonceau, Château de Chambord, and Château d’Usse. Château de Chambord is the largest, most popular of the Loire Valley castles, attracting more than 700,000 visitors a year.

Depending on which castle you visit in the Loire Valley, this day trip may or may not be feasible by train from Paris. Château de Chenoceau is accessible by metro and trains in 3.5 hours from the Paris city center. Château de Chambord is also accessible using public transportation in 2 hours 45 minutes, requiring a mixture of trains and metro services. You may have to book a guided tour or shuttle service from Paris with others.

5. Antwerp

Best day trips from paris Antwerp

Antwerp is one of the day trips from Paris that sound ambitious but are actually super easy. It only takes between 2 hours and 2 hours and 40 minutes to get from Paris to Antwerp by train. The major port city is in Belgium, so you’ll whizz across the border on a high-speed service – passing the capital of Brussels as you go. Antwerp dates back to the Middle Ages and has some incredible history if you are interested in that period. While if you prefer your sparkly rocks, the Diamond District is where to go. The district is home to some of the best diamond traders and cutters. Buy the ring in Antwerp and propose in Paris… your secret is safe with us.

Antwerp is very walkable and is a fantastic day trip from Paris. This day trip is perfect if you want an easy experience but are excited about crossing into another country. Thanks to its excellent train connections and beautiful Diamond District, we had to add it to our list.

6. Luxembourg

Best day trips from paris Luxembourg

Luxembourg is one of Europe’s smallest countries. The tiny landlocked country is tucked between Belgium, Germany, and France – conveniently, less than 3 hours away from Paris by train. Its capital, Luxembourg City, is an ideal candidate for a day trip thanks to its compact size. You can easily enjoy the old town, ancient fortifications, and fascinating landmarks with a day. These include Bock Casemates, a network of underground tunnels used as WWII bomb shelters. Luxembourg is much less visited than France and even Belgium, so this is one of the best day trips from Paris to get off the beaten track. And its First World War and Second World War history makes it a fantastic addition to all the war history in Paris – especially if you’ve already visited the D-day beaches.

From Paris, you just need to reach Garde de l’Est and catch the train directly to Luxembourg City. The train ride is just 2 hours and 10 minutes long, which is a breeze to organize and fit into a day trip schedule.

7. Château de Versailles

Best Paris Day Trips Royal apartments in Chateau de Versailles

Château de Versailles is a beautiful day tour from Paris. If you haven’t watched Marie Antoinette yet, it is a must before you go. Versailles was once a hunting lodge before being transformed into a picture of exuberant luxury and grandeur by King Louis XIV. You can take a guided tour around the royal apartments, gardens, and gorgeous interiors. It is a grand place to visit and only 40 minutes away by metro – it’s easy to see why it is so popular.

You don’t need to worry about train tickets and booking in advance. Hopping on and off the metro is ridiculously easy in Paris. And the allure of Château de Versailles increased tenfold after the 2006 Marie Antoinette film. It is an oldie but goldie, an absolute must when it comes to day trips from Paris. If you prefer not to deal with the transportation issues this Day Trip Tour with a wine tasting is perfect for you.

8. Domaine de Chantilly

Best day trips from paris Domaine De Chantilly

Domaine de Chantilly is a massive park that stretches over 19,000 acres. The park contains the Château de Chantilly, Musee Conde, and a Great Stables and Horse Museum. When it comes to French grandeur, Domaine de Chantilly is a fabulous day trip to take. The park is modeled in incredible likeness to the Marie Antoinette Garden. It is one of the most aesthetic day trips from Paris. The Horse Museum is also a rare element to this day trip, housing more than 200 items in its exhibitions and dozens of artwork. Domaine de Chantilly even offers horse shows at regular intervals throughout the year. So equestrians, keep your eyes out for any equine events that coincide with your schedule.

Domaine de Chantilly is just an hour away from Paris by public transportation. The journey is split into a 30-minute train ride from Gare du Nord, disembarking at Gare de Chantilly Gouvieux, and a final 20-30 minute walk. You can grab your Skip-the-line Ticket here.

9. Auvers Sur Oise

Best day trips from paris Auvers Sur Oise

Auvers Sur Oise is a picturesque town in France, just a 50-minute train ride from Paris. It has that cobblestone street aesthetic, with dainty sidewalks and sweet, rural architecture. You can float around the town in a nice outfit and just channel the main character’s energy – stopping at one of its cafes for lunch. Alternatively, take things up a notch by visiting the Absinthe Museum. The Absinthe Museum teaches you about this famous licorice-tasting alcohol. It is a fun twist on a standard day trip to a pretty French town.

Vincent Van Gogh actually wrote to his brother to rave about the beauty of Auvers Sur Oise. If you need more persuading, that should seal the deal for you. Vincent Van Gogh spent his final days in Auvers Sur Oise, and you can actually visit his grave in the town’s cemetery. Picasso also ventured to Auvers Sur Oise, and the little French town provided lots of inspiration for 19th-century art. Get to it from Paris with this tour.

10. Medieval Town of Provins

Best day trips from paris Provins

Provins is another beautiful town with cobblestone streets. However, unlike Auvers Sur Oise, Provins gets its place on this guide for its architecture, not famous artist visitors. Provins has some of the most well-preserved medieval architecture in France, and its medieval aesthetic and history make it one of the best day trips from Paris. The town boasts a vast old town with ancient medieval ramparts and is a designated UNESCO World Heritage site. You can catch medieval re-enactments, with knights in costume demonstrating bird of prey handling, jousting, and more.

Provins is just an hour and 20 minutes from Paris by train. You can book train tickets in advance or just rock up and buy them on the day – as long as you leave adequate time. Provins is so much fun as a day trip. If you also have young children to consider, they’ll love the medieval shows and engaging exhibits. Provins is history made fun. What’s not to love?

11. Château de Fontainebleau

Best day trips from paris Chateau De Fountainebleau

Château de Fontainebleau is set in a small region frequently referred to as a ’16th-century playground’, and it is on a similar wavelength to Versailles. Architecturally, everything is extravagant in Château de Fontainebleau, and its gardens were actually designed by the same landscape artist as in Château de Versailles. Château de Fontainebleau is the grand palace of Fontainebleau and was vamped up by Louis IX in the 13th century and refurbished again by François I in the later 16th and early 17th centuries. The result is Renaissance-style architecture – aside from one remaining medieval tower from Louis IX’s original refurbishment. It is beautiful and one of the most fascinating day trips from Paris from an architectural point of view.

If you want a quieter alternative to Château de Versailles, we suggest heading to Fontainebleau and visiting the Château. You can take a guided tour around its grounds and state apartments. Château de Fontainebleau is just an hour away by train from Paris – so a straightforward day trip to squeeze into a busy Paris itinerary. You can also opt for a small group tour like this one.

12. Plage Le Crotoy

Best day trips from paris Plage Le Crotoy

Plage Le Crotoy is one of the best day trips from Paris. Picture a little beach town with a scenic boardwalk and colorful, traditional architecture. Le Crotoy is the perfect beach escape and has a beautiful atmosphere. And even better, it is just 2.5 hours from Paris by train. Bag those high-speed train tickets and head off for a beach day. Your Paris day trip doesn’t need to include intense sightseeing. In fact, with Plage Le Crotoy, you can use your Paris day trip as a time for relaxation – clocking off from your intensive tourist duties.

Plage Le Crotoy is a huge beach. This is just as well, considering it is the most popular beach to visit from Paris. It can get busy but arrive knowing this, and you’ll appreciate the lively atmosphere. A cheesy seaside trip is probably much needed after learning about French kings, World War II history, and architecture. Just a few hours from Paris, Plage Le Crotoy had to make it onto our list.

13. Giverny

Best day trips from paris Giverny

Giverny is a beautiful town with a name for itself, thanks to the thousands of flowers blooming there yearly. Over 200,000 plants are growing in Giverny, and in spring and summer, the place absolutely comes to life with color and sweet-smelling plants. Apart from its flowers, the most popular thing to do in Giverny is to visit Monet’s Garden. More than 500,000 people visit the garden each year, and it is a significant site not only for its beauty but as a prominent place in art history. Monet famously lived in Giverny and took much of his inspiration from the city’s natural beauty.

You can easily take a guided tour from Paris that includes round-trip transportation. Alternatively, catch the train to Vernon-Giverny and then a taxi or Uber to the town center.

14. Reims

Best Day Trips from Paris Reims

Paris might be the French capital, but Reims is where to head to pop bottles. Reims is a major city for champagne production and, if you love champagne, one of the best day trips from Paris. It is the Champagne region capital and full of ‘Champagne houses’ offering tasting experiences. There are regular guided day tours running from Paris, many of which include round-trip transportation. Reims is also nicknamed the ‘city of kings’ thanks to its Gothic cathedral, where 34 different sovereigns were crowned. Champagne and royal history? Could it get any better?

Exploring the entirety of the Champagne region is quite an undertaking, as is completing the Champagne Trail. Reims is the ideal place to tip your toes on a time limit. Besides, Reims is less than an hour away from Paris by train. It is a super easy day trip destination to slink away to.

15. Chartres

Best day trips from paris Chartres

Chartres is the winner when it comes to day-tripping to see gothic-style architecture. The whole city is centered around Chartres Cathedral, which is so stunning that it acts as an attraction in itself. Tourists pay to take guided walking tours of the cathedral and bask in its gothic glory. Chartres Cathedral is also massively significant in Christianity, and the cathedral is said to hold numerous holy relics, including the veil of the Virgin Mary.

According to religious legend, the veil is the one Mary wore while giving birth. Whether you believe it or not, pilgrims have flocked in their millions to see it for themselves. Once you’ve visited Chartres Cathedral, Chartres has the Cathedrale Notre Dame, too – a tombless crypt that dates back to the 11th century. When it comes to intriguing architecture and religious history, Chartres has the whole thing nailed to a tee.

Chartres is around an hour and 15 minutes from Paris by public transportation. Be prepared to hop between a few different metros and trains, but it is definitely worth the shuffling around. You can also drive the same journey in 1.5 hours if you wish.

16. Bruges

fun Day Trips From Paris Bruges

Bruges is adorable. Forget Belgium’s major cities like Brussels; Bruges has a different vibe. There are no modern, towering buildings and contemporary infrastructure. Instead, you have medieval and Renaissance buildings and cobbles everywhere you turn. Bruges feels like a little time capsule. And in case you need more persuading, it is particularly famous for its Belgian chocolate. Bruges is the sort of place that you explore leisurely on foot, snapping photos of particularly beautiful streets and indulging in takeaway desserts. The whole city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, too, so don’t just take it from us. Bruges is catching attention from all over.

Bruges is one of the best day trips from Paris if you want a more wholesome experience. And conveniently, Bruges is reached by a simple 2.5-hour train ride from Paris. You just switch trains in Brussels, and there are only two legs of the journey to organize. As a side note, Brussels and Bruges are the perfect components for a weekend trip from Paris because of this train layout. If you have longer than a day, why not spend a day in each?

17. Boulogne-Billancourt

Best day trips from paris Boulogne Billancourt

Boulogne-Billancourt is the total opposite to Bruges. Think of Boulogne-Billancourt as the extrovert of our day trips from Paris. Boulogne-Billancourt is loudly contemporary, full of glitz and glam, and massive shiny landmarks like the giant ball on La Seine Musicale. Boulogne-Billancourt is constantly pushing the cutting edge. Even in 1824, it became home to the world’s first suspension bridge. Extremely wealthy and technology-minded, Boulogne-Billancourt is great fun to experience as a tourist on a day trip. It also has three major museums, each museum dedicated to a section of the art world, be it sculptures or art deco furniture.

Boulogne-Billancourt is just a 30-minute metro ride from the city center, so you won’t struggle to squeeze this one into your itinerary. It is perfect for those with little time on their hands. In fact, it is actually classed as the western suburbs of Paris.

18. Goissainville

Best Day Trips From Paris Goissainville the abandoned ghost town

Goissainville is an eerie abandoned village just 25 minutes away from Paris on the metro and then a short taxi ride. The abandoned village is next to a thriving town of the same name – which is easy to remember regarding directions. You can walk the empty streets, get close to its abandoned mansion, and marvel at the old shops. Goissainville is too decrepit now to claim that it looks frozen in time. However, it is rare to see an entire village abandoned, and the scale of the experience makes Goissainville look a bit like a film set. Allow an hour or two to look around, and bring a camera.

Goissainville was mostly abandoned when the nearby airport was created, as the residents were quickly drained by the constant noise and disruption. Things got worse in 1973, though, when a plane from an airshow hurtled into the village in a tragic crash, killing both those onboard and numerous people on the ground. The sad story was the final straw, and Gossainville was left entirely.

19. London

Best Day Trips From Paris London

London needs a little introduction. But did you know that you can reach London by train from Paris in just 2 hours and 20 minutes? London is one of the easiest day trips from Paris. You head straight through the Eurotunnel, cutting across the English Channel – you even get food service onboard. While we hate to tell you that the Eurotunnel is not transparent (it’s a common disappointment that travelers don’t get to look out at fish), it is one of the most convenient ways to make a day trip to the UK from France. You can spend all day visiting Buckingham Palace, riding the London Eye, and perhaps stopping by for a performance at Shakespeare’s Globe. Then just hop back on the train and through the Eurotunnel for dinner in Paris.

London is one of our most expensive day trips from Paris, but it is worth the spend. Plus, who doesn’t love combining multiple countries in one trip?

20. Gâtinais Francais Natural Regional Park

Gâtinais Francais Natural Regional Park is a gorgeous area of natural beauty. Eventually, even the biggest city lover starts to crave a natural getaway. And Gâtinais Francais Natural Regional Park is the perfect place to scratch that itch. The park spreads across acres and acres of forest and meadowlands. Cyclists and hikers adore the park for its outdoor opportunities, and it is one of the best places to visit if you want to hike or rent a bike. Domaine de Courances is a private château in the middle of Gâtinais Francais Natural Regional Park. It is the perfect break for a little bit of culture, not just nature. The privately owned property has 17 stunning ornamental pools and beautiful gardens and opens seasonally to visitors.

Gâtinais Francais Natural Regional Park is around an hour from Paris if you get a taxi for the final leg. It is a little tricky to visit using public transportation, but if you rent a car or research public transport lots in advance, it is one of the most rewarding day trips from Paris.

21. Brussels

Best Day Trips From Paris Brussels

We’ve already mentioned Antwerp, so why not consider Brussels as one of your prospective day trips from Paris? The Belgium capital has a reputation for history and culture. Brussels is the heart of the EU and a meeting point for political action. You can visit Grand Place, the Museum of the City of Brussels, Mini Europe, and even the Belgian Comic Strip Center. It is also just a 1.5-hour train ride from Paris. You can be in a totally different country in less than 2 hours – honestly, why are you still even debating this day trip? Heading to Brussels is a fantastic way to add extra oomph to your Paris holiday.

Brussels has plenty of character. You can hop off at the central train station and have a new capital city to begin sightseeing again. If you’ve already been in Paris for a while, this little urban refresher can be a breath of fresh air. It is also one of the shortest train rides you can take on a day trip from Paris, which is a strong plus.

22. Deauville

Best day trips from paris Deauville

Deauville is basically where to go for fun and games. The seaside town has everything from horse riding on the beach to a giant casino and annual international film festivals. Deauville always has something on the go, which earned it a place in this guide. Our advice? Look up what’s on in Deauville when visiting Paris and see if you can get involved in any exciting events. Otherwise, just head to Deauville to let your hair down, perhaps going for a gallop on a beach or flutter in the casino. Deauville is pretty glamorous, but moreover, it is popular for its strong sense of fun.

Deauville is just 2.5 hours from Paris by train. The last train leaves late in the evening, so you should have plenty of time to enjoy Deauville before heading back to see Paris at night. It is an easy day trip and one of our most recommended trips from Paris if you want a fun, easygoing destination.

23. Chablis

Best day trips from paris Chablis

Vino enthusiasts, listen up. Chablis is a lovely town for wine tasting. More acidic and less fruity than the more southern regions, Chablis creates a wonderful line of wines. And the region’s wines are renowned as one of the best to pair with fish. If you want a wine-tasting experience, Chablis is easily one of the top day trips from Paris. You can catch the train to Chablis in around 3 hours. However, the service is a little hit-and-miss, with quite an irregular schedule. Therefore, we’d suggest booking a Chablis wine-tasting tour from Paris. This way, you won’t have to worry about being responsible for directions on the way back either.

You’ll find wineries all over and around Chablis. So don’t worry about visiting specific wineries, especially since most take walk-in bookings.

24. Château de Pierrefonds

Best day trips from paris Chateau de Pierrefonds

Château de Pierrefonds is a massive castle so beautiful that it has been featured in several movies, including the Joan of Arc film. If you fancy a fairytale-like experience, add Château de Pierrefonds to your list of day trips from Paris. Originally built around the 15th century, Château de Pierrefonds was refurbished in the 19th century as an intended residence for Napoleon III. It is fascinating to wander its hallways and observe the mixture of elegance and practicality. The castle boasts defensive features like a drawbridge and drop boxes and sublime sculptures and aesthetic features.

Château de Pierrefonds is a family-friendly day tour to take from Paris. While you can purchase audio tours, it is primarily an attraction to explore independently. This is nice on family day trips as it creates a zero-pressure environment for the children (and parents) and lets you take the tour at your own pace. Château de Pierrefonds is approximately 2.5 hours from Paris by train if you take a taxi for the final leg of the journey. Otherwise, it is a 2-hour drive.

Best Day Trips From Paris: FAQs

Best Day Trips From PAris FAQ

It is clear that day trips from Paris are worth wrenching yourself from the pull of the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe. Paris lies in Northern France, absolutely inundated with day trip options – whether you visit the Champagne region or Auvers Sur Oise. And there are plenty of guided tours and tour operators if you prefer using something other than public transportation. So, what else do you need to know before going on a Paris day trip? Here’s some essential information.

Can you do a day trip to Nice from Paris?

Nice is a 7-hour train ride from Paris, so while you could manage Nice as a 24-hour trip from Paris, it would be a push. We’d suggest taking a weekend trip to Nice instead of treating it as a day trip. This way, you get more time to appreciate the city and won’t burn out.

What is the closest country to Paris by train?

Belgium is the closest country to Paris by train – in fact, it takes just 1.5 hours to get from Paris to Brussels. However, the United Kingdom (accessed by the Eurotunnel to London) is also just 2 hours and 20 minutes away. Basically the perfect distance for a few glasses of wine.

Is Brussels worth a day trip from Paris?

Brussels is absolutely worth a day trip. Brussels is one of the quickest, most efficient day trips from Paris – perfect for combining two countries in a single trip.

How many days do you really need in Paris?

You should spend at least 3 days in Paris, ideally 5-7 days. 5-7 days will allow you to take a few day trips from Paris and easily explore the city. Paris is a city that you’ll burn out trying to see as quickly as possible. And with its incredible food culture and museums, you want to be able to sightsee leisurely.

To Conclude

Best Paris Day Trips

Paris is famous for its delicious food and iconic architecture in its city center. But draw away from all of this with one of the incredible day trips from Paris. You could venture to Mont Saint Michel or take a Paris day trip to Disneyland Paris or the Loire Valley. Paris day trips are super varied. So you’ll find a suitable option regardless of whether you want a family day trip or are venturing out as just a couple.

Day trips from Paris are so exciting. Enjoy branching out from just the grandeur in the city center and pencil in at least one of these top Paris day trips.

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