28 Best Things to Do in Aruba In 2024

28 Best Things to Do in Aruba In 2024

Who doesn’t love Aruba? The beautiful island is a picture of white beaches and tropical sands. And when you aren’t kicking back under a palm tree overlooking the waves, you can visit places of natural beauty like Arikok National Park or cultural production spots like the Aruba Aloe Factory Museum and Store. Aruba has a self-sufficient island vibe, with plenty to do and see. If you are looking for things to do in Aruba, rest assured you have come to the right place.

Aruba’s coast is located on the Caribbean Sea, which hovers at an average temperature of around 80 F annually. Even better, there’s as little as 37 F variation a year, meaning you can expect consistently warm waters.

Are you ready to look at what Aruba has in store for you? With its warm waters, brilliant lower Caribbean location, and beautiful white beaches, there’s lots to get on your itinerary.

The best way to see Aruba is by rental car or guided tour, and you should definitely stay for three days or more to experience the island. Many people try to rush Aruba, especially on cruise day trips, but we’d hazard against this. With so much to do and see, why speed things?

Regardless, if you want quick inspiration, look at these quickfire details below.

Best of Aruba Quick Guide

Must See: Arikok National Park, Conchi Natural Pool, Eagle Beach, Baby Beach, Arashi Beach, and Natural Beach Aruba. Where to Stay: Magical Garden, Trankilidad Apartments, and Embassy Suites by Hilton Aruba Resort. Fun To Do: See the donkeys at the Donkey Sanctuary, ride a catamaran, swim in its natural pool, visit the Aloe Vera Farm, and go sky diving. Day Trips from Aruba: Curacao, jeep safari, snorkeling cruise, northside day trip by bus. Must try Foods: Arroz moro, funchi, cocada, and stoba.

Best Things To Do in Aruba

Top things to do in Aruba

So, are you ready? There are so many incredible things to do in Aruba. You could dine out at a revered restaurant overlooking turquoise water. Or you could head out on a sunset cruise aboard a catamaran. And that’s before you even check out California Dunes and the Aruba Ostrich Farm – in Aruba; attractions are anything but far and few between. The island has many things to do and see, from rock formations to animal experiences and areas of stunning natural beauty, like Natural Bridge.

In this guide, we’ll introduce you to the top 28 things to do in Aruba. It was challenging to narrow it down, but we are confident you’ll find a match – or 20 matches – for your itinerary.

1. Renaissance Island

Best Things To Do in Aruba Renaissance Island

Renaissance Island is famous, and if you’ve seen pictures of pink flamingoes on a beach, you’ve seen it already. Renaissance Island is a private island that belongs to the Renaissance Wind Creek Aruba Resort. If you want to visit, you must book at least one night as a guest. There are guest passes on sale occasionally, where people can visit for a day. However, these are only available when the number of guests is low. If we were you, we wouldn’t take the gamble.

Flamingo Beach is the absolute highlight of Renaissance Island, and you can buy food to feed them. They get really up close. Aside from its flamingos, the island has the exclusivity of private beaches – white sand, of course – and an onsite casino.

Renaissance Island is basically luxury on a 40-acre tropical paradise. Stay there or spend a day there. It is up to you.

Insider Tip: Ask ahead about day pass availability. Practical information: Open from 7 am until 7 pm.

2. Take a Jeep Tour

Best Things To Do in Aruba Jeep Tour

A jeep tour is one of the best ways you can experience Aruba. A jeep in Aruba is a little 4WD vehicle with open sides and a roll-proof roof. It is built to tackle any terrain, which is precisely what you do on this tour.

Aruba has diverse landscapes, from white sands to scree and shrubbery. An Aruba jeep tour takes you along some of its most rugged terrain to spots otherwise inaccessible. Definitely bring a camera. This tour is all about experiencing the most drastic of landscapes.

An Aruba jeep tour is ideal if you want to go sightseeing with a difference. It is adventurous and gets you well and truly off-the-beaten-track. Book your jeep tour here.

Insider Tip: Make sure your camera has an in-built stabilizer. Practical information: $130

3. Casibari Rock Formations

Best Things To Do in Aruba Casibari Rock Formations

The Casibari Rock Formations are absolutely unmissable when visiting Aruba. You’ll love this natural attraction, especially if you love beautiful views and natural landmarks. The tonalite cluster of rocks bulges out of greenery like something from Jurassic Park.

You can hike to the top easily via a flight of stone-cut stairs and enjoy stunning views over Aruba. It is easily one of the most famous attractions and can be completed in as little as an hour, so it is an easy addition.

Casibari Rock Formations are located on the outskirts of Oranjestad and easily accessible by public transport. It is free to enjoy. You can see them on this full island tour of Aruba.

Insider Tip: Try penciling in a sunrise or sunset hike. Practical information: It is free and open 24 hours a day.

4. Alto Vista Chapel

Best Things To Do in Aruba Alto Vista Chapel

This Catholic chapel is a must-visit if you like religious history and architecture. The chapel itself is really understated. The light blue feature wall, wooden pews, and checkered floors are far from anything extravagant. Instead, it offers an authentic, spiritual escape from Aruba’s chaos.

Alto Vista Chapel is free to enter, so it’s great if you are on a budget. You’ll need to either rent a car or hire a taxi to get there, though, as it’s located on the island’s northeast side.

The prettiest thing about this chapel is its desert setting, and you can enjoy a designated outdoor quiet place next to the church, surrounded by cacti.

Insider Tip: Rent a car and travel simultaneously to the North Coast. Practical information: Open 5:30 am until 7 pm.

5. Jads Dive Center

Best Things To Do in Aruba Jads Diving Center

A scuba diving experience is a fabulous idea in Aruba. The island is surrounded by beautiful coral reefs and historical shipwrecks. If you know how to scuba dive, Jads Dive Center is where to head for the best experiences.

The center has over 15 dive sites, including shore and boat dives. You’ll be diving with PADI masters and instructors, so you’ll have the best people at hand if you encounter any difficulty.

With the warm waters and abundance of marine life, scuba diving is genuinely one of the most exciting things to do in Aruba. If you aren’t a diver, you can book this Atlantis Submarine Tour.

Insider Tip: Get PADI qualified beforehand. Practical information: Between $100 and $400

6. Go Golfing

Best Things To Do in Aruba Golf

Aruba has three different golf courses, which is a lot for such a small island. Two golf courses are of low-level standards, with just nine holes and an introductory course design. Tierra del Sol is the definite favorite, especially amongst experienced golfers.

This course has 18 holes and adjoins the Tierra del Sol Resort. It is located northwest of the island and is best accessed by taxi. Tierra del Sol is an excellent choice for half a day on the course.

The oldest course on Aruba is the Aruba Golf Club – one of the 9-hole courses. It was constructed in 1941 for the nearby Lago oil refinery staff.

Insider Tip: Tick off Aruba Golf Club and Tierra del Sol – the oldest and flashiest. Practical information: Around $200, including all rentals.

7. Druif Beach

Best Things To Do in Aruba Druif Beach

Druiff Beach is stunning, with soft sand, powerful turquoise water, and many snorkeling opportunities. The quiet little beach doesn’t quite have the wow factor of Eagle Beach, but that does mean fewer crowds.

You can bring your snorkeling gear to see if you can spot marine life. You can also spot piles of wishing rocks that people stack for good luck and to make an all-important wish.

Druiff Beach’s water conditions can get rough, so be mindful when entering the water. It is vital to always have significant levels of water safety – avoiding rips and swimming in groups. Book this highly rated snorkeling cruise with an open bar and light lunch.

Insider Tip: Make a wish with the stacking rocks. Practical information: Open 24/7 and free to visit.

8. Spanish Lagoon

Best Things To Do in Aruba Spanish Lagoon

Visiting the enchanting Spanish Lagoon in Aruba offers an unforgettable experience. Nestled on the island’s southwestern coast, this hidden gem is a paradise for nature lovers and for water sports. As one of the top things to do in Aruba, the lagoon boasts crystal-clear waters perfect for snorkeling, where you can explore vibrant marine life and coral reefs.

Kayaking through the tranquil waters offers a unique way to admire the scenic beauty. The lagoon’s rich history, as a former pirate hideout, adds a touch of mystery, making it a must-visit destination for history buffs. Whether you’re relaxing on the shores, exploring underwater wonders, or delving into the past, Spanish Lagoon in Aruba promises a memorable addition to your island itinerary.

Practical information: Open 24/7 and free to visit.

9. Downtown Oranjestad

Best Things To Do in Aruba Downtown Oranjestad

You can only say you’ve visited Aruba once you’ve spent a few hours in Downtown Oranjestad. It is the largest city on the island and Aruba’s designated capital city. Oranjestad was originally a Dutch colonial city, and you can still see the Dutch influences on the cityscape, from colorful architecture to twists in the cuisine. 

The best things to do in Oranjestad are shopping on Main Street, checking out the museum scene, and walking through flea markets near the marina. There’s very much something on every corner when visiting Oranjestad. For anyone who loves a city break, it is a traditional compromise with incredible architecture and bucketloads of culture.

We’d recommend spending at least a full day in Downtown Oranjestad specifically, and that’s before you even think about exploring the rest of the city. Ideally, you’ll base yourself in Oranjestad for at least a few nights. It is the sort of place you need to see at different times of day – people watching over your morning coffee, shopping at midday, and partying in the evening. Visiting Oranjestad is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Aruba.

Insider Tip: Try to stay overnight in Oranjestad for at least one night. It is a city you must experience over 24 hours, with many different activities and atmospheres throughout the day and night. Practical information: Budget around $50 for a full day out in Oranjestad.

10. Take a Horseback Riding Tour

Best Things To Do in Aruba Horseback Riding Tour

One of the most romantic ways to experience a new place is on horseback. There’s something so special about horseback riding, and Aruba is no different. You can explore many beautiful spots on horseback in Aruba, including beach rides and the rugged landscape of the national park.

Of course, we’d suggest booking a beach ride experience. You’ll ride over white sands and through lapping turquoise waves. Beginners can take it steady, while experienced riders can go for a blustery gallop. You’ll need closed-toe shoes and suitable clothing that won’t chafe against the saddle to go horseback riding. Bring a spare change of clothes if you plan on going in the water with your horse.

It is also worth noting that Aruba has a long history with horses. In the 17th century, the island was used as a significant horse trading post. In 2015, the Blue Horse statues were erected in Oranjestad to pay homage to this history.

Insider Tip: Bring spare clothes regardless of whether you plan on getting wet – you never know what will happen with horses, and you might even just want horse-free clothes for a meal afterward. Book this horseback riding tour that takes you out to a natural pool. Practical information: Prices vary depending on the type of ride and the company you use, but budget between $90 and $120.

11. Surfside Beach

From now on, Aruba’s beaches will be one of them when you envision natural wonders. Surfside Beach is just a slice of total serenity. The white sands and pale blue water are just a classic combination, and you can sunbathe, snorkel over coral reefs, or enjoy a more casual, leisurely swim.

Surfside Beach also has a conveniently located beach bar where you can grab cocktails and refreshing treats. There are also beach sunbeds and umbrellas if you need to get out of the sun for a bit. It is an excellent choice if you want to be near facilities and somewhere to refresh and fill up. But equally, the bar is small enough not to encroach on the beach’s sense of natural beauty. Essentially, it is the perfect compromise.

Surfside Beach is located in the southern neighborhoods of Oranjestad. You should find it straightforward to get to, and it has all the convenience of a central beach without the throngs of constant crowds.

Insider Tip: Bring your cards or some petty cash to grab some refreshments at Surfside Beach and make a full day of the experience. Practical information: Open 24 hours a day.

12. Arikok National Park

Best Things To Do in Aruba Arikok National Park

Arikok National Park is a stunning area of protected natural beauty. The park encompasses historic caves and beautiful beaches and covers almost 20% of the entire island. There’s a high proportion of desert terrain, and the best way to explore is by renting a 4WD or embarking on one of its designated hiking trails.

You can easily cover the national park in half a day. Still, you should allow yourself longer if you book specific experiences like 4WD tours or horseback riding.

Regarding hiking trails, we’d recommend Cunucu Arikok, Miralamar Trail, and Rooi Tambu, which finishes at Dos Playas Cove. Make sure to take plenty of water and be wary of swimming in the water, as the park is famed for its strong undertows in coastal areas.

Insider Tip: Rent a 4WD vehicle to explore Arikok National Park independently. It is great fun and a definite buzz to tackle challenging terrain. This horseback riding tour will take you to Arikok National Park. Practical information: Open 24 hours a day.

13. Take a Submarine Tour

Best Things To Do in Aruba Submarine Tour

A submarine tour is one of the most exciting things to do in Aruba. Not everyone likes to get their face wet. In fact, not everyone wants to swim, end of.

A submarine ride might be for you if you fall into this category. You can admire all the underwater scenery and marine life without swimming, snorkeling, or scuba diving.

The only tour operator is Aruba Atlantis Submarine Tours, who run excursions for under 2 hours. Guests sink to a capacity of 140 feet and sit in a galley with plenty of round porthole windows to admire the scenery outside. You can spot everything from coral reefs and shipwrecks to marine life like dolphins and turtles.

Submarine tours are also popular amongst those with young children. Just because your children aren’t capable of snorkeling or diving doesn’t mean they must miss out.

Insider Tip: Use the submarine tour to avoid that oppressive midday heat. Practical information: Adult tickets cost $99, and kids’ tickets cost $89. In peak season, there are three departure times a day: 11:00 am, 12:00 pm, and 1:00 pm.

14. Boca Catalina Beach

Best Things To Do in Aruba Boca Catalina Beach

Boca Catalina Beach is secluded and peaceful. The thin beach is small, but the lack of crowds renders that not an issue at all. It has pale yellow sands with turquoise waters and an aesthetic scattering of round boulders. You can enjoy swimming and snorkeling in super shallow waters.

Boca Catalina Beach is perfect for a laidback beach day. If lucky, you’ll spot starfish, coral, eel, urchins, and turtles. It is well worth bringing an underwater camera. The assortment of tropical fish is beautiful, too, with pufferfish and trumpet fish to admire.

You can’t beat Boca Catalina Beach for a laidback day amongst nature. It is located on the northeast coastline, just above the busier Malmok Beach.

Insider Tip: Bring an underwater camera and snorkeling gear, as Boca Catalina Beach is well known for its marine life. Practical information: Open 24 hours a day and free to visit.

15. Bubali Bird Sanctuary

Best Things To Do in Aruba Bubali Bird Sanctuary

This beautiful wetland reserve is vital to more than 80 species of migratory birds. Bubali Bird Sanctuary is a much-needed stopover point for the exhausted birds on their migratory flight path. Without it, the birds would be at significant risk.

Visitors should bring binoculars, as there are many rare bird sightings at Bubali. Of course, it varies depending on the time of year you visit. We suggest doing some research before visiting to know which birds to expect at the time of year you’re seeing.

Bublai Bird Sanctuary also has an observation tower – perfect for finding a bird-watching vantage point.

Insider Tip: Bring binoculars because seeing birds – let alone identifying them – with the naked eye can be challenging. Practical information: Open 24 hours a day and free to enter.

16. Butterfly Farm

Best Things To Do in Aruba Butterfly Farm

The Butterfly Farm is one of the leading Aruba attractions, especially for families with young children. The farm has hundreds of butterflies and is massively passionate about insect conservation. Visitors walk amidst the butterflies through rainforest-like enclosures.

If you want to embrace the rainforest aesthetic, the Butterfly Farm is an enjoyable place. You get super close to the butterflies and can even spot the caterpillars and track the different life stages.

Tickets include a tour guide experience, which is an excellent choice for a more educational experience in Aruba. Insider Tip: Bring a camera to get some great shots. Practical information: It costs approximately $20 and is open daily between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm.

17. Fisherman’s Huts Beach Point Lookout

Best Things To Do in Aruba Where To Stay in Aruba Sunset

This little section of decking is an absolute must when it comes to visiting Aruba. Why? Because it overlooks some of the prime windsurfing and kitesurfing spots. You can sit on one of the benches and watch the sky spectacles, free of charge.

If you want free things to do in Aruba, this is easily one of the best. This lookout point is right on the beach’s edge, and you’ll get prime views over the watersports.

After, you can try windsurfing or kitesurfing for yourself. Or just kick back and sunbathe on Hadicuran or Fisherman’s Hut Beach.

Insider Tip: Grab a takeout coffee and picnic to enjoy. Practical information: The windsurfing and kitesurfing are most active from around 10 am until 5 pm.

18. Natural Bridge

Best Things To Do in Aruba natural bridge

No, there’s a strong caveat to this attraction. Natural Bridge is no longer a bridge. The formation collapsed in 2005, crashing into the ocean below. The once strong limestone bridge is now a barrier to the ocean, creating its own blocked-off beach.

It is still popular amongst tourists, who marvel at the bridge that went wrong. And nearby, there’s a much smaller alternative called Baby Bridge, where you can still witness the spectacle of a natural bridge formation.

You can visit independently, and there’s no admission fee. Natural Bridge is one of the best things to do in Aruba on a budget.

Insider Tip: Allow time to visit Baby Bridge and Natural Bridge. Practical information: Open 24 hours daily and accessible by 4WD or foot.

19. Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins

Best Things To Do in Aruba Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins

Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins are a beautiful place to visit if you are intrigued by Aruba’s local history and want stunning views. The 19th-century ruins were once a thriving gold smelting mill. Nowadays, the ruins are little more than an old stone structure.

We suggest reading up on the history of the ruins before you go so you get a bit more out of the experience. Otherwise, you will find little information there.

Bushiribana ruins are free to enter and remain open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You will be able to fit them into your itinerary.

Insider Tip: Do historical research before to get more out of the experience. Practical information: Open 24 hours a day.

20. Andicuri Beach

Best Things To Do in Aruba Andicuri Beach

Andicuri Beach is more of a local haunt than a standard tourist beach, so we had to add it to this list of Aruba’s best things to do. The beach is set in an isolated bay against towering coral cliffs. While it isn’t calm enough for swimmers, it is popular amongst bodyboarders.

If you fancy something a little different, Andicuri Beach is a brilliant choice. The beach is a challenge to get to, windy, and has constantly choppy waves. It is rough around the edges.

You can reach Andicuri Beach by 4WD or drive as far as possible before parking and walking the rest of the way.

Insider Tip: Hire a 4WD before visiting to minimize the walking you have to do. Practical information: 24 hours.

21. Take a Banana Boat Ride

Best Things To Do in Aruba Banana Boat Ride

Everyone has seen those crazy banana boat rides. You know. The ones where a line of people cling to a banana-shaped tube of an inflatable that gets dragged behind a boat – usually a speed boat for added measure.

The whole experience is part manic and a great laugh. If you want a fun water activity, it is your best shot. You can get involved as a solo traveler, couple, or group of friends or family, too – it is an excellent option for a shared experience.

Palm Beach and Noord are the best places for banana boating in Aruba. You’ll don a life jacket and be off in no time.

Practical information: $30 per person.

22. San Nicolas

Best Things To Do in Aruba San Nicolas

San Nicolas is Aruba’s second-largest city, located on the island’s southernmost tip. As a city itself, it offers very little apart from accommodation options. However, it has brilliant access to things to do in Aruba, including some of the attractions that have already made it onto this list, like Baby Beach and Jads Dive Center.

If you want a different experience to the standard Oranjestad experience of Aruba, San Nicolas is your immediate choice. Quieter and surrounded by beautiful beaches, San Nicholas is a wonderful place to visit.

Treat San Nicholas as a destination feature on our things to do in Aruba list. It is somewhere to grab a coffee and mooch around its doorstep attractions. It is also the designated street art capital of the Caribbean. So bring a camera and get ready to snap some fantastic photos of colorful artwork.

Insider Tip: Spend at least one day in San Nicholas, if not an overnight stay. Practical information: Accessible from Oranjestad in 30 minutes by taxi.

23. Natural Pool

Best Things To Do in Aruba Natural Pool

Natural Pool is self-explanatory. This beautiful ocean rock pool is massive and constantly full enough to have a good swim in. It is like Aruba’s natural swimming pool and a popular attraction amongst visitors and locals.

Natural Pool is only accessible on foot or by a serious 4WD or off-roading vehicle. The track is non-existent, and the terrain is ridiculously challenging. We’d recommend visiting outside peak times, though, as otherwise, you are competing with all the tourists on Jeep tours.

Natural Pool is an enjoyable and novel place to have a swim. If you like swimming and scenic spots, this is one of the best things to do in Aruba.

Insider Tip: Visit outside of peak hours. Practical information: 24 hours.

24. De Palm Island

Best Things To Do in Aruba De Palm Island

Not quite as exclusive as Renaissance Island, De Palm Island is another offshore island easily accessible from Aruba by boat. You can easily book day passes, and if you still need to secure a pass to Renaissance, then De Palm Island is a safe bet.

The island still hosts its own all-inclusive resort. With a day pass, you can enjoy select resort facilities. As a whole, though, its main draws are its flamingos, scuba diving opportunities, and food and drink scene.

If you want to pamper yourself for a day amongst flamingos – and who doesn’t – then De Palm Island is your best choice. Get your tickets to De Palm Island here, including transportation.

Insider Tip: Choose De Palm Island if Renaissance is looking extra busy or not offering day passes. Practical information: Open from 10 am until 5 pm.

25. Baby Beach

Best Things To Do in Aruba Baby Beach

Baby Beach is stunning, as in seriously gorgeous. This bright turquoise water is precisely what you envision an Aruba beach day to be like, and its beach is arced in a horseshoe shape of brilliant white sand.

The curved beach shape gives Baby Beach lots of shelter, making it a quiet place to swim and sunbathe. You can often spot sea turtles basking and zipping through the shallows. We’d suggest renting snorkeling gear to bring with you.

When you finish on Baby Beach, check out the Seroe Colorado Trail – a pretty coastal route for hikers.

Insider Tip: Hire snorkeling gear to bring with you. Practical information: Open 24 hours.

26. California Lighthouse

Best Things To Do in Aruba California Lighthouse

California Lighthouse is a beautiful piece of classic island architecture dating back to 1910. To truly embrace island living, it is the perfect addition to your itinerary and cheap to enter.

The second best thing about the lighthouse is that it has 360-degree views of Aruba and its ocean from its top point. You can admire some of the prettiest views of Aruba’s coastline.

California Lighthouse opens from 9 am until 7 pm, so it is a great sunset spot. You don’t need to make reservations, so it is a tremendously impulsive visit.

Insider Tip: Visit for sunset. Practical information: $5 per entry.

27. Eagle Beach

Best Things To Do in Aruba Eagle Beach Divi Divi Tree

Eagle Beach isn’t your most secluded beach spot. However, it is one of the most famous Aruba beaches. Why? Because of its gnarled fofoti trees.

The white sands are dotted by a few fofoti trees, with one standalone specimen as the ‘postcard shot’. The gnarled, mangled shape comes from the constant winds on Eagle Beach, which caused the trees to grow intertwined with themselves.

It is rare to see such bushy trees on a white sand beach, and they look oddly out of place. You’ve just got to see them to believe them.

Practical information: 24 hours a day.

28. Palm Beach

Best Things To Do in Aruba Palm Beach

Palm Beach is glitzy and built up, with rows of steel grey high-rise hotels jutting up from its backdrop of namesake palm trees. Its yellow-white shores are lined with uniform rows of umbrellas and sun beds, and overall, it is a beach that has been well and truly tamed for resort living.

Palm Beach has super calm waters ideal for paddling or just watching from your sunbathing spot. It is somewhere to kick back and enjoy a beach day while staying close to resort facilities and small luxuries.

Make a day of it – enjoy the promenade of bars and restaurants behind Palm Beach once you’ve filled your vitamin D cup.

Insider Tip: Look for day passes for nearby resorts. Practical information: Open 24 hours.

FAQ For Aruba

Best Things To Do in Aruba Fishermans Huts Beach Point Lookout

So, what is best to do in Aruba? We’ll let you decide. There are so many things to do in Aruba, and you’ll have to try to squeeze them into a single itinerary. We hope you are traveling to Aruba for at least a few days. Before you head off, though, check out these common FAQs. You never know what might help boost your trip for the better.

What is Aruba best known for?

Aruba is best known as a cruise destination with white sand beaches and brilliant, warm weather. Primarily associated with being a beach destination, it is undoubtedly well suited to beach hopping but has plenty of history and culture.

Is there a lot to do in Aruba?

Yes. For such a small island, there are many things to do in Aruba. You can choose from a sunset cruise to visiting Flamingo Beach or stroking the cute donkeys at the Donkey Sanctuary.

Are things cheaper in Aruba?

Aruba is hit-and-miss when it comes to budgeting. One of the most significant expenses is guided excursions, as companies increase prices to maximize profits on cruise day trippers. However, find self-catered accommodation to cook your meals and consider using public transport or renting a car. You’ll discover Aruba to be affordable.

How many days do you need in Aruba?

You need at least three days in Aruba to get under the island’s skin. The longer you spend, the more enjoyable you’ll find it. It is meant to be enjoyed at leisure, with its beautiful beaches and dozens of attractions.

Tips And Information For Visiting

Best Things To Do in Aruba Tips And Information For Visiting

Are you ready to embrace the beautiful desert island that is Aruba? Have you got your snorkeling gear to hand and your walking tour booked? How about one of those crazy banana boat rides? Great stuff. Let’s quickly examine what you should consider and know before visiting Aruba. These sections will dive into the must-know details.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Aruba is at the start of the year. Think mid-January to the beginning of May. Why? Because this is the dry season in Aruba, aka the season where you can enjoy Aruba’s beaches without getting drenched.

Getting There

In terms of reaching Aruba, you should be able to handle it easily. You can quickly fly into the country, with regular flights scheduled from all over the US and beyond. Queen Beatrix International Airport is the island’s main airport, located conveniently within the capital of Oranjestad. Most local hotels and major resorts offer airport transfers, or you can hire a car or use public transport on arrival.

Of course, you can also reach Aruba via cruise, like most visitors. Cruises run with numerous different liners, including Princess Cruises. You’ll disembark at the ferry terminal and be met by your top operator of choice.

Alternatively, you can also drive to Aruba by taking the ferry. Plenty of non-cruise-related boats are docking at Aruba daily, so get onboard one. Since Aruba is located just off the shorelines of South America, it is much better connected by ferry than many of the more remote islands in the Caribbean region.

Getting Around

If you stay in Downtown Oranjestad, you won’t have an issue getting around Aruba. You will have all the public transport – namely buses – at your fingertips. And most attractions in Oranjestad itself are accessible on foot. If you plan on venturing around a bit, consider guided excursions or renting a car. Driving in Aruba is super simple, and if you are a confident driver, the better option of the two.

Are you cruising to Aruba? Most cruisers jump straight off the cruise ship terminal and get shuttled onto their guided tour. The Aruba Tourism Authority has made it extremely easy for cruise passengers to get around Aruba by allowing mass excursion providers.

How Much Time Do You Need in Aruba

People can and do visit Aruba on a day trip. However, we wouldn’t recommend it. We’d suggest allowing yourself at least three days in Aruba to fully appreciate the island.

With three days in Aruba, you can enjoy the downtown vibe, sightsee the main attractions, beach hop, and take a day trip or two – perhaps to Curacao. You’ll enjoy Oranjestad’s main street and all the live music and venturing out a little.

Where To Stay in Aruba

best things to do in aruba feature

So, where do you stay in Aruba? Oranjestad is the best choice if you want a capital vibe in a town body. The island’s tiny capital boasts colorful Dutch colonial architecture and a lively waterfront – plus all the shopping and restaurants you could ask for. Palm Beach is similarly busy but offers more nightlife than anything else. It is luxurious and party-driven – think of it as Aruba’s upscale strip.

Finally, Eagle Beach is much quieter. It is located next to its namesake, Eagle Beach (the pretty white sand spot with incongruous trees), and is best for those wanting beach days. Forget endless high-rise hotels; Eagle Beach is much more sedate and understated.

Luxury: Manchebo Beach Resort and Spa is located on the beachfront and has a stunning outdoor pool. It is where to stay if you want that classic resort experience, with brilliant facilities and beautiful beach views. Mid-Range: Aruba Marriott Resort and Stellaris Casino is a luxurious, indulgence-central hotel with an onsite casino that runs 24 hours. There’s an outdoor pool, and you are right on the beach. Budget: Magical Garden is a little homestay south of Aruba. It is on the beachfront and has a shared garden and air-conditioned units.

Whether you embark on sightseeing Aruba, walking tours, and cycling style, or head to the top Aruba beaches for a dreamy beach day, the island provides plenty to see and do. There’s a misconception that Aruba lacks activities and attractions outside the regular cruising itinerary. However, Aruba does stand on its own regarding an itinerary.

Whether hopping off the cruise terminal for a day or buckling down at the Boardwalk Boutique Hotel for a week, you should approach your Aruba itinerary enthusiastically. You can experience so much on the island – even with just a little time. Plan ahead, and you can squeeze in plenty of these things to do in Aruba.

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