Where To Stay in Lisbon: A Complete Guide For Your First Visit

Where To Stay in Lisbon: A Complete Guide For Your First Visit

For hilly streets and coastal views, a stay in Lisbon is precisely what the doctor ordered. We spent 3 days in this incredible city and got to explore a lot of its best areas and neighborhoods. Lisbon is the Portuguese capital and has long been loved as a city getaway in Europe, but it is not only for Europeans. We loved it too! The city is full of pastel-colored buildings and cobblestone streets and has an amazing location for day trips. In short, Lisbon is a superstar when it comes to European getaways, and if you are visiting Lisbon, be prepared for beautiful views and tons of culture.

And naturally, this means it is just a fact that the city has tons of beautiful neighborhoods. So, which of the Lisbon neighborhoods should you choose? When wondering where to stay in Lisbon, there are plenty of options. After spending time in the city you can see that it may be a little confusing for the first-time visitor. Fear not, that is what we are here for. We will let you know if it is best to base yourself along the Avenida da Liberdade, or if is it better to be more centrally located in the Baixa district. Picking the best Lisbon neighborhood is an exciting choice and we are going to give you our first-hand experience so you can have an easier time in this beautiful city.

Where to Stay in Lisbon: Our Complete Guide on the Best Places To Stay

This guide will cover where to stay in Lisbon, including the best neighborhoods for the main tourist attractions and different atmospheres. It is easy to see why Lisbon is such a famous city in Portugal; just look at its sense of personality, strong culture, and beautiful waterfront location. Whether you want tours, nightlife, or attractions, Lisbon has many neighborhoods to match your ideal holiday. Here’s our introduction to where you should stay in Lisbon.

1. Baixa

Upscale hotels in the Baixa neighborhood

Baixa is where it is at if you are looking for the tourist scene in Lisbon. The compact neighborhood in central Lisbon is the city’s hub – with all things tourist attractions dotting its narrow streets and pedestrianized shopping areas. Think souvenir shops and delicious but pricey restaurants, and you’ve got a great idea of what an afternoon in Baixa is like. This Lisbon neighborhood is what comes to mind initially when asked where to stay in Lisbon. It is the Lisbon city center, full of things to do and see. And everyone has got the memo to pay a visit to the Baixa neighborhood.

Where to stay in Lisbon Baixa Pink Street

So, what exactly is there to do and see in these busy streets? Well, there’s plenty of neoclassical architecture to admire. Unfortunately, an earthquake in 1755 ruined the original architecture, so most of Baixa’s architecture was built after that. Therefore, if you want historic sites, it is not necessarily one of the best neighborhoods to stay in Lisbon. However, Baixa does have lots of culture.

You can visit the National Museum of Contemporary Art and the Praca de Comercio, and – of course – there’s the Elevador de Santa Justa, a glass elevator that whisks users up a steep inner-city hill with gorgeous views of Lisbon’s skyline. What’s not to love? There’s Cais do Sodre, which you can walk to along the waterfront. Cais do Sodre is the former red light district and has some of the city’s most seedy history to uncover. There’s also Baixa Chiado metro station, which you can use to take day trips or venture out to less central attractions.

Where to stay in the Baixa neighborhood Fado

As you can see, Baixa is a great place to stay in Lisbon if you want to be in the thick of it. When visiting Lisbon, you want to embrace its city center and culture. Baixa is a central neighborhood with many tourist attractions to fill an itinerary. The only thing to note is that Baixa does get busy. Naturally, as the city’s tourist hub, it not only attracts people during the day but also those wanting hotels in a central area. This means that in peak seasons, Baixa gets busy both during the day and at night.

We recommend choosing Baixa as your place to stay in Lisbon only if you are visiting in the shoulder or off seasons. Otherwise, the crowds can get a bit much. Similarly, if you only visit for a day or two, this neighborhood is more feasible than a digital nomad looking to stay in Lisbon for a month or two. Baixa is ideal for those who want to have all the action at their fingertips and be within walking distance of all the activities and sightseeing opportunities. The neighborhood is full of restaurants, shops, and attractions. So, if that sounds like a bit of you, look at our pros and cons list and our rundown of Baixa’s highlights and best hotels for each budget level.

Pros of Baixa

Central Great attractions Exciting and action-packed

Cons of Baixa

Busy and crowded More expensive Less chance to get authentic experiences in Portugal

Highlights of Baixa

Highlights of Baixa neighborhood Santa Justa Elevator

The famous pink street is called the Rua Nova do Carvalho. It is – quite literally – a bright pink-painted lane that runs through the Cais do Sodre neighborhood, which is an easy walk away from Baixa. Cais do Sodre is the city’s old red light district, and it still retains some light-hearted hedonism with its party culture. You can jump between the different clubs and bars and attend the concerts that regularly run. Pink Street is where to head to have fun when staying in Lisbon, and also one of the highlights of staying in neighboring Baixa.

Elevador de Santa Justa is a famed glass elevator that sits in Baixa and gives users a lift from the ground level to the top of one of the area’s most giant hills. It was first constructed in 1902 to connect the ground level with Carmo Square and has been used as a functional landmark for decades. However, it is also a renowned tourist attraction, as people take an elevator ride to appreciate Lisbon’s panoramic views.

National Museum of Contemporary Art

This is easily one of Baixa’s highlights. The National Museum of Contemporary Art is a great art museum with a fantastic collection and reasonably priced entry tickets. An afternoon or early evening at the museum is a cultured and relaxing activity for your Lisbon itinerary. And the museum is centered right in the middle of Baixa – easy to add to even the busiest itineraries when staying in this neighborhood.

This slightly more unusual museum is another highlight of this area. The museum covers everything from coin-making to banknote printing and is set in a beautiful baroque-era church. Visiting the Money Museum is easily one of the most interesting things to do in Lisbon, and it is just proof of how versatile the museum scene is in Baixa.

Where to stay in Lisbon Baixa Hotels

Budget: Living Lounge Hostel

The Living Lounge Hostel is one of the best hotels in Lisbon if you are on a tight budget. Regarding cheap hotels in Lisbon, hostels are often the best choices. This hostel has private rooms, as well as mixed dormitories. The communal kitchen is great for saving money and cooking at home, and you can book breakfast included options.

Mid-range: Lisbon Art Stay Aparthotel

Lisbon Art Stay Aparthotel is one of the leading mid-range boutique hotels in Lisbon. The quirky 4-star property is a beautiful place to stay right in the middle of Baixa, and you can book certain rooms with Juliet balconies or a penthouse. You can book everything from rooms to studios and apartments. The vibe is arty and funky – brilliant for an aesthetic base in central Lisbon.

Luxury: Hotel do Chiado

Hotel do Chiado is a fantastic luxury hotel to choose from in Baixa. The property overlooks the Tagus River and offers a private terrace with city views. There are even massage and babysitting services on-site. And you can splurge on suites with separate living spaces or upgraded rooms with private terraces overlooking the river.

2. Alfama

Where to stay in Lisbon Alfama Tram 28

Alfama is Lisbon’s old town – so think winding cobblestone streets and ancient Moorish architecture that miraculously survived the 1755 destruction. If you want a historic aesthetic and who doesn’t want to stay in Lisbon’s historic center, then Alfama is ideal. This Lisbon neighborhood has impressive buildings everywhere, including the cathedral and Castelo de São Jorge. Not everyone wants a relaxing vacation by the pool.

When it comes to exploring Lisbon, the winding streets of Alfama are the prime location for uncovering more about the city’s history. Its well-preserved architecture and leading tourist attractions like the castle and cathedral make it highly sought-after for anyone interested in history. The whole neighborhood is like a giant maze, with traditional houses and historic sites all over Alfama. Leave plenty of time to ‘get lost’ and plan to dine al fresco at one or two cafes.

Where to stay in Lisbon Alfama Streets

In terms of attractions, Castelo de São Jorge is the leading tourist attraction in Alfama. The castle is stunning and so intact that you can still walk its battlements- enjoying beautiful views over Lisbon. Lots has been invested to keep the castle in its shape, and a major restoration was completed in the 1940s to ensure that the castle was still safe to welcome tourists. It was initially built back in 200 BC, so it’s safe to say it has been on quite the ride.

Alfama is also famous for its number 28 tram – that bright yellow tram that chugs its way up steep, narrow streets. You can jump on for a novelty ride or snap pictures from the pavement. Finally, Lisbon Cathedral is worth a visit, especially to learn about all its different architectural revivals after many natural disasters.

Where to stay in Lisbon Alfama Neighbourhood Sao Jorge Castle

Alfama was once the unreputable area of Lisbon, famed for crime-ridden streets and poverty. Now, it is where those wanting a deeper cultural and historical immersion in Lisbon head. The neighborhood has been gentrified and indeed recognized and invested in as a place of rare historical and cultural importance. This more recently established respect really shines through when visiting Lisbon. Alfama is located just east of the busy city center of Baixa, although still situated alongside the waterfront. It is full of character and tradition, and all in all, just a wonderful place to stay in Lisbon.

Alfama naturally gets busy in peak seasons, but you can still visit in peak season if you visit significant attractions in quiet periods. Just time your sightseeing, right, and you should be fine. Shoulder seasons also reign supreme and are a brilliant time to visit Alfama as you just avoid tourist crowds and enjoy it more serenely.

Pros of Alfama

Historic Full of tourist attractions Authentic Portuguese culture

Cons of Alfama

Still quite busy in peak seasons Can be expensive Not as upmarket

Highlights of Alfama

Highlights of staying in Alfama

The castle is a huge highlight when it comes to going to Lisbon, and specifically Alfama. The castle dates back to the 11th century. It has beautiful Moorish architecture, palace ruins, an archaeological museum, and castle walls where you can walk and admire stunning Lisbon views. It should definitely be on your list when visiting Alfama.

The Fado Museum is entirely dedicated to the preservation of and education around the music genre. You can learn about fado songs and the most famous artists, including Celeste Rodrigues. You’ll probably hear fado music while dining at local restaurants and visiting more traditional bars, so it is nice to know its history. The museum itself is set in an old industrial building and is scenic in its own right. And the entrance fee is a humble price of around 5 euros.

This beautiful observation deck is a stunning place to admire the view of Lisbon. You can also catch a traditional yellow tram to get there, which adds to the experience. And when you do get to the actual deck – which is set out like a terrace with columns and beautiful blue and white tiles, you can see as far as the Tagus River. For a scenic view, Miradouro de Santa Luzia is one of the top places to visit in Lisbon, and it definitely warrants it as a highlight in Alfama.

Museu de Lisboa – Teatro Romana

The Roman Theater Museum of Lisbon is a massive highlight of Alfama. The ruins date back to the ancient city of Olisipo and are a precious archaeological site. Visitors can get up close to the excavation, observing original columns and findings. You can also visit the adjoining, more formal museum space, which houses all the artifacts.

Best Places to Stay in Lisbon Alfama Neighbourhood

Budget: Hostel do Castelo

Hotel do Castelo is one of the best hotels if you are looking for cheap hotels within walking distance of central Alfama. The property has a mix of private and dormitory rooms and access to shared bathrooms. You also get a daily continental breakfast, although only some rooms have free WiFi, so you may wish to invest in a SIM card.

Mid-range: Hotel Convento do Salvador

Hotel Convento do Salvador is a trendy mid-range property set in an old convent – talk about novelty. At reasonable nightly rates, this chic property is a fantastic choice for accommodation in Alfama, and it has a really artistic aesthetic, with local artwork adorning the hotel walls. You can grab a drink at the on-site bar, which extends into a private courtyard. And certain rooms come with river views.

Santiago de Alfama

Santiago de Alfama is one of the best hotels in Lisbon, and this five-star property is set in a restored 15th-century palace. What more could you want from a luxury hotel stay? The rooms are outstanding, with dramatic features, including vaulted stucco ceilings and free-standing baths. And what better way to recover from sightseeing than with a few hours in the hotel’s spa? Santiago de Alfama is the best choice for luxury accommodation in the neighborhood.

3. Bairro Alto

Where to stay in Lisbon Barrio Alto Neighbourhood

Bairro Alto is where to stay in Lisbon if you love to party. This is undoubtedly the best neighborhood if you want a ‘Downtown Lisbon’ experience, and you can enjoy a central location for sightseeing yet also all the draws of a nightlife hub after sundown. The nightlife scene at Bairro Alto is fantastic, with hip bars and thriving nightclubs lining its narrow roads. Despite being located just north of Baixa, it has a different vibe. You’ll find much cheaper takeout restaurants and budget-friendly dining options. While you still get beautiful architecture and historic sites, this neighborhood is just cooler. It has a reputation as the party district of Lisbon.

You won’t be stuck for choice when debating things to do in Bairro Alto. You can check out the traditional funiculars, yellow tram-like vehicles operating up some of the area’s steepest hills. You can also take food tours and pub crawls. And furthermore, there’s architecture to be admired at places like Sao Roque Church. It is impossible not to love. Bairro Alto has something going on at every hour and is an entertaining choice for places to stay in Lisbon. Lisbon residents and tourists alike are drawn to Bairro Alto.

Where to stay in Barrio Alto streets

What we love most about this neighborhood is its split personality. You can enjoy art galleries and traditional sightseeing by day or just walk into Baixa. However, you can enjoy a full dusk until dawn nightlife experience at night. At Bairro Alto, everybody and their mother has come for a night out. You’ll meet a wide variety of people, which makes it a popular choice amongst backpackers and singles. This balance caught our eye and quickly earned Bairro Alto a place in this guide as one of the best neighborhoods in Lisbon. If you want that electric atmosphere, definitely consider Bairro Alto. It embodies Lisbon’s sense of ‘fun’. It is an incredible place for partying, letting your hair down at night, and sightseeing by day. Its central location and strong personality are hard to beat.

Bairro Alto is always busy, but you may notice that accommodation books out quicker in peak seasons. For this reason, book in advance if you want to stay in Bairro Alto. You shouldn’t let seasons but you off otherwise – chances are, if Bairro Alto is up your street, you are an extrovert who likes the crowds anyway. And if you are a solo traveler, get ready to make many new friends, especially if you stay in a hostel or book a pub crawl.

Pros of Bairro Alto

Incredible nightlife Great for socializing Very central location

Cons of Bairro Alto

Gets very busy Not very family-friendly at night Accommodation can book out quickly

Highlights of Barrio Alto

Where to stay in Lisbon Barrio Alto Highlights

It goes without saying that the nightlife is a highlight of Bairro Alto. The neighborhood is alive with partying and socializing; the best way to experience this is through a pub crawl. You can book pub crawls quickly online, and all the hip bars and clubs along Bairro Alto’s narrow roads make this option one of the most exciting.

The Church of Saint Roch falls into Bairro Alto’s ‘daylight sightseeing’ category. This stunning Catholic church is free to enter and is a beautiful example of architecture in Lisbon. The church dates back to the 16th century and is one of the earliest Jesuit churches. You can admire Igreja de Sao Roque from the outside. Still, we recommend allowing time to enter and admire the internal furnishings and elaborate decorations.

Miradouro de Sao Pedro de Alcantara

This beautiful viewpoint is free to enjoy and consists of a spacious, landscaped terrace with sprawling views over Lisbon. The terrace has a fountain that lights up beautifully at night and trees for shade in the midday heat. If you want somewhere to really put Lisbon into perspective or a romantic spot for an evening date, Miradouro de Sao Pedro de Alcantara is where to be. It is a definite highlight of Bairro Alto.

It might seem a strange highlight of Bairro Alto, but Rua do Loreto is a main road that runs at the neighborhood’s southern end and sells loads of great custard tarts. Custard tarts are among the most delicious Portuguese desserts for those who don’t know. And on this street, you can find multiple cafes and bakeries selling this sweet treat. You should definitely head down there if you are staying in Bairro Alto.

Best Places to stay in Barrio Alto Neighbourhood Lisbon

Budget: Independente Principe Real

Independente Principe Real is one of the top cheap hotels in Lisbon – which is shocking given its central location in sought-after Bairro Alto and trendy vibe. It even boasts two rooftop restaurants. Guests can enjoy a breakfast buffet, served scenically at the rooftop restaurant, and sophisticated rooms at cheap rates.

Mid-range: My Story Hotel Ouro

This three-star boutique hotel has spacious rooms and a beautiful outdoor pool. If you want a mid-range place to stay in Bairro Alto, this hotel is brilliantly located on the outskirts. There’s everything from hardwood floors to Juliet balconies, and you can opt for a breakfast buffet for a small surcharge. My Story Hotel Ouro is an excellent accommodation along the historic Rua Aurea.

Luxury: Le Consulat

Le Consulat is one of the best hotels in Lisbon. This gorgeous boutique guesthouse will be up your street if you love luxury hotels. Le Consulat has a fine dining restaurant on-site, a cocktail bar, and an art gallery. And the hotel overlooks the dramatic Praca Luis de Camoes public square. You can even book apartments with their own kitchenettes and separate living areas.

4. Belem

Where to stay in Lisbon Belem Castle

Belem is one of the furthest neighborhoods from the city center. Yet, it is easily in the top five if you are looking for the best neighborhoods to stay in Lisbon. This sleepy neighborhood is known for its food scene, especially seafood – which makes sense considering its coastal location to the west of the city center. If you love seafood and a more relaxed vacation vibe, Belem is where to stay in Lisbon. Belem is historic, too, with the Torre de Belem a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. Despite these draws, Belem is primarily residential and not on most tourists’ radars. Tourists tend just to stray to Belem on sightseeing half-day trips. This is a shame because Belem makes a beautiful base for those happy to use public transport to venture into the city center. The area is famous for traditional houses decorated with colorful tiles and is a lovely place to stay in Lisbon.

Where to stay in Belem Statue

Regarding activities in Belem, the Belem Tower (aka Torre de Belem) is the main draw. The tower dates back to the 16th century and was heavily relied on as a defense post to defend Lisbon from sea attacks. There’s also Jeronimos Monastery and the Belem Palace, where the President of Portugal lives. As a whole, the neighborhood has plenty to offer in the way of history. The thing that puts people off is the hour-long public transport ride into the city center. But if you are happy with that and staying longer than just a few days, Belem is the perfect place. You’ll get access to quieter attractions and a more residential vibe. Belem feels like a bonus destination when going to Lisbon. And the last public transport available is not until 3 am, which is a huge plus. Using public transport to travel between Belem and central Lisbon is really feasible.

Belem Neighbourhood Jeronimos Monastery

Similarly, if you want to avoid the tourist crowds during peak season, Belem is equally brilliant. You’ll have a less chaotic and packed neighborhood to head back to. And while you might not be within walking distance of the Lisbon Cathedral, you will have quieter streets outside your hotel room and the joy of free tables at street-side restaurants. Belem is historic, quieter, and a loveable destination. It is an easy pick if you are okay with extra time on public transport.

Pros of Belem

Residential vibe Amazing seafood Lots of history

Cons of Belem

Not as central Not as many attractions Will need a taxi if traveling back from city center after 3 am

Highlights of Belem

Highlights of Staying in the Belem Neighbourhood of Lisbon

The Belem Tower is a big deal. This historical landmark dates back to the medieval period and juts out dramatically on a river island, formerly used as a defense post against water attacks. Nowadays, its estuary views are purely recreational, and it attracts those wanting to climb to its rooftop terrace for beautiful views of Lisbon and the river. Tickets are very cheap, and it is full of history. The Torre de Belem is definitely a highlight of its neighborhood.

This modern museum is set on the grounds of the Presidential Palace. It covers the history of Portugal’s presidents and political history. The pink-colored building contains tons of engaging exhibits. It is a fascinating attraction for anyone interested in history or culture. The Portuguese Republic was established in 1910, and it is interesting to see how the presidency shaped the country.

The Lisbon Earthquake Museum is an immersive museum and a definite highlight of Belem. As one of the most unusual museums in Lisbon, it lets you live the experience of the 1755 earthquake – of course, under much safer circumstances. You can experience what the tremors would have felt like with special effects and simulators. The 1755 earthquake impacted Lisbon and created the city we see today, so not only is the Lisbon Earthquake Museum a novelty, but it is also historically interesting.

This Gothic-style monastery is one piece of architecture you should tick off. The monastery has both archaeology museums and maritime museums in its wings. It is easily a half or full-day attraction. The beautiful attraction is one of the best places to visit in Lisbon, and if you stay in Belem, you will be within walking distance. You should invest in skip-the-queue tickets if you are visiting during peak season.

Best Places to stay in Lisbon Belem Hotels

Budget: Terrace Lisbon Hostel

Terrace Lisbon Hotel is a brilliant addition to the best hotels in Lisbon. The hostel has dormitories that offer mixed and female-only accommodation in colorful rooms. You can also book private rooms if you wish. Many amenities include a garden, shared kitchen, and even a library. You can also rent bikes and motorbikes, as well as walking tours.

Mid-range: Hotel Jeronimos 8

Hotel Jeronimos 8 is a beautiful mid-range property in Belem and is adjacent to the iconic Jeronimos Monastery. The stylish hotel has a private courtyard and serves a daily breakfast. You can choose from a generous range of modern rooms, some of which feature private terraces. It is an upmarket option, ideal for someone wanting to treat themselves to a comfortable stay in Lisbon.

Luxury: Altis Belem Hotel & Spa

Altis Belem Hotel & Spa is a gorgeous five-star boutique hotel. The posh hotel is an easy walk from the riverbank. It has stunning Tagus River views, especially from its café and restaurant terraces. It is one of the prettiest hotels in Lisbon if you want to base yourself near the waterfront. The luxury hotel has outdoor pools with spa facilities that include a sauna, as well as a gym and a garden.

5. Principe Real

Where to stay in Lisbon Principe Real

Principe Real is different from the other neighborhoods. This upscale neighborhood is full of designer and luxury shops – a dream for any shopaholic. Principe Real symbolizes everything high-end and has wide streets lined with 19th-century mansions. When you aren’t window shopping or splurging on designer goods, you can be admiring the dramatic residential areas. Traditionally, only the mega-rich lived in Principe Real. Yet this is slowly starting to crack, and plenty of young professionals base themselves in this straight-collared neighborhood. It is more of a residential place to stay in Lisbon than a chaotic tourist neighborhood. But it is an ideal spot to consider if you want a more laid-back base.

In terms of things to do in Principe Real, while it isn’t full of attractions like more touristy areas, it does have a select few attractions. One is the National Museum of Science & Natural History, located next to the adjoining Botanical Garden of Lisbon. There’s also a beautiful exhibition space and reservoir complex called the Reservatorio da Mae d Agua das Amoreiras Projetado. This unique attraction celebrates the arrival of Lisbon’s water and has dramatic fountains and rotating exhibits. And lastly, there is the Portuguese Cinema Museum. This museum acts as both a museum with equipment and historical exhibits. It also plays actual movies and is the perfect evening or rainy day attraction.

Where to stay in Lisbon Principe Real streets

Principe Real is one of the least central neighborhoods but still has a great location. You have easy access to a metro station or just walk 25 minutes into the city center. You aren’t sacrificing much in the way of location and really get an insight into residential Lisbon in exchange. If you are going to Lisbon in the peak season, staying in Principe Real is a great idea just to avoid the crowds. You also get more access to green spaces, like Eduardo VII Park, which is perfect for sunny picnics. Life staying in Principe Real is laidback and scenic. And you have the temptation of all the luxury shops on your doorstep. It is a win-win for many tourists when debating where to stay in Lisbon.

Pros of Principe Real

Upscale Less touristy Retail opportunities

Cons of Principe Real

Less central More Residential Fewer attractions

Highlights of Principe Real

Highlights of staying in the Principe Real Neighbourhood of Lisbon

National Museum of Science & Natural History

The National Museum of Science & Natural History is one of Lisbon’s best places to visit and a definite highlight when staying in Principe Real. Who doesn’t love natural history museums? This spot is ideal for having a serene afternoon with minimal fuss. The entrance fee is modest (under 10 dollars), and you can spend a few hours admiring the different anthropological artifacts and preserved specimens.

Botanical Garden of Lisbon

Botanical gardens have a similar vibe to natural history museums – they are all about wandering around and reconnecting with nature. The landscaped gardens feature different plants and trees, and the garden is vital for flora conservation in Lisbon. A beautiful place to collect your thoughts and reconnect with the natural world, the Botanical Garden of Lisbon is a brilliant addition to your list of Principe Real highlights.

Reservatorio da Mae d’Agua das Amoreiras

Reservatorio da Mae d’Agua das Amoreiras is a unique attraction entirely dedicated to celebrating the origins of Lisbon’s water supply. You can walk through slightly eerie tunnels and a network of projected exhibit spaces showcasing artwork and past water features. The attraction is a beautiful place to visit and a memorable addition to Principe Real.

Parque Eduardo VII is another major highlight of staying in Principe Real and is one of Lisbon’s largest green spaces. The sloped park features a vast maze, and trees line the paths around manicured lawns to create the perfect spot for a morning stroll. Parque Eduardo VII is a beautiful place to visit in Lisbon. And it is free, which is excellent for those on a budget. Get there early and bring a takeaway coffee.

Best Places to stay in Lisbon Principe Real Neighbourhood

Budget: Lisboa Central Hostel

If you are looking for the best hotels in Principe Real, Lisboa Central Hostel is your best choice. This is one of the top cheap hotels in Lisbon, boasting modest prices and a great location. You can choose from private and dormitory rooms, all with free WiFi, walking tours, and continental breakfast each morning. You also get access to a lounge with a PlayStation and a shared kitchen – great for cutting costs when eating out. There are laundry facilities as well, a real bonus. For Principe Real on a budget, Lisboa Central Hostel is perfect.

Mid-range: Mama Shelter Lisboa

Mama Shelter Lisboa is hands down one of the coolest hotels in Lisbon. This eclectic property has beautiful views of the Tagus River and colorful rooms that just pop. You can access an on-site restaurant and a boho rooftop bar with regular DJ sets and table tennis matches that get pretty fierce by midday. You can also upgrade your rooms to gain additional living spaces or private terraces to enjoy indoor meets outdoor living. For mid-range accommodation, Mama Shelter Lisboa is fantastic.

Luxury: TURIM Boulevard Hotel in Lisbon (Where we Stayed)

TURIM Boulevard Hotel is right on the iconic Avenue da Liberdade and is one of the city’s best luxury hotels. The hotel has a stunning rooftop pool, its most eye-catching feature. Hardly anywhere has a rooftop pool in Lisbon, and you can enjoy the unique angular layout that treats you to city skyline views. The hotel also boasts a cocktail lounge and meeting facilities. In terms of rooms, you can expect ultra-comfortable, plush room choices, all of which come with the opportunity to opt-in for room service. Oh, and a buffet breakfast is available downstairs. Sold? We were.

Where to Stay in Lisbon: FAQs

Where to stay in Lisbon FAQ' Avenida da Liberdade

So now you know where to stay in Lisbon, what about some quick FAQs? You never know what little detail could transform your Lisbon trip entirely. And you should definitely get answers to your main burning questions before you go. So, let’s take a look together. These questions could just make a difference – or at least get you a bit of clarity.

Which is the best area of Lisbon to stay in?

The best area to stay in is Baixa. You’ll find all the main attractions and tourist draws in the Baixa district. If you are going to Lisbon for the first time, it provides the best possible experience. You will have a central location and be within walking distance of everything you need.

What is the best neighborhood to stay in Lisbon for walking?

Baixa or Bairro Alto are the best neighborhoods to stay in Lisbon if you want to be able to explore Lisbon on foot. These two neighborhoods are more central than other neighborhoods, meaning they are closer to the main attractions. You won’t need public transport unless you venture on a day trip.

How many days is best to stay in Lisbon?

Three days is the perfect time to get an entry-level introduction to Lisbon – ticking off the main sightseeing attractions and perhaps hitting the beach for a day. We’d suggest longer if you want to enjoy all the day-tripping opportunities or have multiple beach days. Four or five days is perfect for numerous beach days and day trips.

What is the main city area in Lisbon?

The main city area in Lisbon is around Baixa and Bairro Alto. This is where you’ll find the ‘city center’ vibe, with plenty of nightlife, many restaurants, and all the attractions.

Why We Love Lisbon

Why we love Lisbon along the Avenida da Liberdade, city center of Lisbon

Lisbon has some beautiful neighborhoods. You might wish to keep it central with Baixa – who doesn’t want everything to be an easy walk, right? You could party it up in ever-lively Bairro Alto, booking pub crawl tickets and heading to concerts. You could also choose to stay in Principe Real, go shopping for luxury goods, and wander in Eduardo VII Park. Alternatively, you could check out historic sites in Alfama or try seafood in Belem on the city’s outskirts. These five options are the absolute best places to stay in Lisbon. There are other neighborhoods too though, so don’t forget to take a look when it comes to planning places in Lisbon to visit.

Are you excited about your Lisbon trip? Now that you know where to stay in Lisbon, you can start thinking about the rest of your trip. There’s much to do in Lisbon, even if you are just there on a layover. Don’t forget to look into day trip choices, too – you can check out these best day trips from Lisbon. Lisbon has many metro stations, so you can easily use public transport and plan a day trip while visiting Lisbon on a budget. Whether you stay in Baixa or Principe Real, we hope you have a wonderful trip.

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