Where to Stay in Naples, Italy: Ultimate Guide for First-Time Visitors

Where to Stay in Naples, Italy: Ultimate Guide for First-Time Visitors

Finding the right place to stay is key to a good time in Naples. But with so many different hotels and apartments in the city, narrowing the choices down to a few best ones is a challenging task. And that’s where we come in, with this ultimate guide on where to stay in Naples. 

I’ve included options for everyone’s budget, so anyone can find at least a couple of options in their price range. Whether you want to be spoiled during your stay or save as much money as possible, we’ve got you covered. 

We’ve also narrowed down the options for the best neighborhoods in Naples, from the quiet Chaia to the busy Centro Storico. Our guide includes the best hotels for couples, families, and solo travelers. 

So, let’s not waste any more time and get straight into the best places to stay in Naples, Italy!

Why You Should Listen To Us

Well, listen to us because we went to Naples, found a lovely hotel, and had a great time! When choosing a hotel suitable for us, we looked through dozens of different options on all the websites to narrow down the choices to just the best ones. 

In this guide, you’ll see only the hotels we considered for our trip to Naples. And I’m very picky about my hotels and look through all the photos before booking anything. No moldy showers for me, thank you very much!

Where to Stay in Naples Italy Why You Should Listen To Us

Where To Stay in Naples, Italy

Naples is a fairly big city, and it doesn’t have the best public transport network, so a central location is very important. The best hotels are close to the metro and bus stops but also within walking distance of all the attractions you’re primarily interested in seeing. 

One thing to note about accommodation in Naples is that it’s a great city if you prefer to stay in private apartments. The historic center of Naples is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its many old buildings, many of which can’t be converted into hotels. 

Don’t Have Time to Read the Full Article?

Can’t be bothered to read through the entire article? That’s okay because this quick summary covers our favorite hotels and apartments in Naples. 

Alternate Accommodation: Naples is a great city for travelers who like to rent private apartments. Stay in Relais Castel Nuovo in San Ferdinando to wake up to splendid views of the sea and a medieval castle. Toraldo Suites has an excellent location close to the metro and the historic landmarks. Gelso Home is an affordable alternative with a homey feel.

Where We Stayed

For our first trip to Naples, we decided to stay at Albergo Palazzo Decumani in the historical center of Naples and we loved it. The hotel was everything it claimed to be, and we found its location perfect for our itinerary, which included an in-depth tour of the historical landmarks in central Naples. 

We walked a lot in Naples so we prioritized location over everything else. I will say that the area is very busy and noisy, but we didn’t mind because it felt authentic. But if you want to avoid crowds, consider staying in a less crowded part of Naples. 

Centro Storico: Our Recommendation 

Where to Stay in Naples Italy Centro Storico

Naples’ Historic Center is one of the best places to stay for a first-time visit. The entire neighborhood is designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, for its cultural and historical legacy. Old buildings in narrow alleys are staples of this neighborhood, as is the smell of Neapolitan Pizza which you can’t escape. 

Stay in Centro Storico to have easy walking access to all the best tourist attractions and delicious street food. The historic heart of Naples also offers plenty of opportunities for souvenir shopping, with countless stores in its cobblestone streets. 

Museums, medieval churches, and Roman ruins are characteristic of Centro Storico. The opportunities for sightseeing are endless here, which is precisely why we recommend this part of the city as the ideal location for first-time and returning visitors in Naples, Italy. 

Where to Stay in Naples Italy Pros and Cons of Centro Storico

Pros and Cons of Centro Storico


Walking distance to Napoli Central Station All historic landmarks are close  A wide variety of restaurants 


Busy and crowded during peak season Pickpockets are common in areas with a lot of tourists No luxury hotel options 

Highlights of Staying in Centro Storico

Where to Stay in Naples Italy Highlights of Staying in Centro Storico

The best thing about staying in Centro Storico is walking access to all the top attractions in the city. Forget about public transport because everything will be close by, from iconic historical buildings to the city’s best restaurants. 

Naples Cathedral: Every Italian city has a main cathedral known as Duomo, and in Naples, that’s the Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary. It took six centuries to complete the construction of this Duomo, and that’s evident in the mixture of its architectural styles. The cathedral is free to visit and features some of the most exquisite artworks in Naples.  Napoli Sotterranea: Naples has a system of underground caves that anyone can tour. The experience is impressive and somewhat eerie, although unlike the Paris catacombs. The cave entrance is from an archaeological museum in the heart of Centro Storico, and offers the chance to see a WWII shelter and Roman aqueducts, among other sights.  Complesso Monumentale di Santa Chiara: Visit this 14th-century monastery complex to experience one of the most relaxing areas of central Napoli. Walk through the landscaped gardens, admire the stunning hand-painted ceramic tiles, and marvel at the ruins of a Roman bath from the 1st century AD.  Neapolitan Pizza: It’s impossible to stay in Naples and not devour at least one Neapolitan pizza. The city’s historic center is home to all the best and oldest pizza restaurants, from the world-famous Da Michele to the much less busy Di Matteo.   

Best Places to Stay in Centro Storico

Where to Stay in Naples Italy Highlights of Best Places to Stay in Centro Storico

All hotels in Centro Storico have a premium location. You’re always just a few minutes away from a medieval building or a historic landmark, making Centro Storico the perfect setting for a discovery of Naples’ history and culture. 

One important thing to note is that this neighborhood doesn’t have any proper luxury hotels. The historic buildings and narrow alleys of central Naples aren’t an ideal setting for a luxury resort hotel. So, even the priciest hotels here aren’t as expensive as you would probably expect. 

Hotel Zara Napoli

Where to Stay in Naples Italy Hotel Zara Napoli

Hotel Zara Napoli is one of the most affordable budget hotels in the historic center of Naples. It’s a good option for couples on a tight budget because double rooms at this hotel start at just 60€ for two adults. 

That’s a bargain for such a central location in Naples, especially since there are no dormitories. The cheapest hotel rooms provide guests with access to a shared bathroom, and for 75€, you can get an ensuite bathroom. 

Choose this hotel for its excellent location and affordable prices. It’s just a short walk from the central train station in Naples and offers easy access to the best tourist attractions in the city center. But keep in mind that the rooms are small and somewhat outdated, plus the beds aren’t exactly the most comfortable. Check rates and availability

Albergo Palazzo Decumani

Situated in the heart of Naples’ historic center, Hotel Albergo Palazzo Decumani is one of the best mid-range hotels in the city. Choose this hotel if you want to stay in an actual palazzo in Naples with crystal chandeliers and a spiral marble staircase. 

The spacious rooms are decorated in contemporary classic style, and all include an ensuite bathroom. Breakfast is included in even the lowest nightly rates, which can save you quite a bit of money during longer stays. 

Nightly rates at Albergo Palazzo Decumani start at 170€ for two travelers. That’s a really good deal for the service quality and location of this fabulous hotel. See rates and availability

Santa Chiara Boutique Hotel

Santa Chiara Boutique Hotel is a great option for those who want to splurge on their accommodation in Naples. It’s not exactly a luxury hotel, but it’s as close as it gets to one in this part of the city. 

This boutique hotel offers clean, modern rooms with spotless ensuite bathrooms. All rooms have a kettle, flat-screen TV, and a desk area. The nightly rate for a standard double room starts at 300€ without breakfast. 

In addition to the fabulous rooms, the boutique hotel also has a bar and a sun terrace. Also, it’s situated just down the street from Complesso Monumentale di Santa Chiara, which is one of the most iconic landmarks in the historic center of Naples. Check rates and availability

San Ferdinando: Best For Luxury Hotel Stays 

Where to Stay in Naples Italy San Ferdinando

There’s not an abundance of luxury hotels in Naples, but the best ones are situated in the seafront district of San Ferdinando. This is one of the oldest parts of the city, as well as one of the most desirable neighborhoods among Napoli’s wealthiest residents. 

Head to the coast to experience the perfect blend of history and opulence. And buildings like the Royal Palace of Naples showcase both! With stunning castles, sprawling public squares, and access to Naples’ underground, San Ferdinando is one of the best destinations in the city for travelers mostly interested in sightseeing. 

On the other hand, the district’s upscale hotels and affluent vibe offer a sense of security that you don’t quite get in the crowded historic center. San Ferdinando also has excellent public transport connections to the rest of the city, allowing for an effortless but thorough exploration of Napoli. 

Where to Stay in Naples Italy Pros and Cons of the San Ferdinando

Pros and Cons of the San Ferdinando


Home to multiple historic landmarks A safe and affluent neighborhood Panoramic views 


Expensive hotels  No beaches because of the marinas No metro in the southern part of the district

Highlights of Staying in the San Ferdinando

Where to Stay in Naples Italy Highlights of Staying in the San Ferdinando

San Ferdinando is a great area to stay in because it offers both good hotels and plenty of tourist attractions. Some of the most important landmarks in Naples are in this neighborhood, and you’ll spend a lot of time here even if you book a hotel elsewhere. 

Royal Palace of Naples: One of the city’s most famous landmarks is the Royal Palace of Naples. The 17th-century Palazzo houses an opulent ballroom, a grand staircase, a lovely theater, and impressive artwork throughout. Don’t miss out on the rooftop garden, which offers a gorgeous panoramic view of the Gulf of Naples.  Piazza del Plebiscito: At the heart of San Ferdinando lies Piazza del Plebiscito, a sprawling public square in front of the Royal Palace of Naples. The Roman architecture of the Piazza reminded me of St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican, mostly because of the Greek-style curved columns that surround the Basilica.  Galleria Borbonica: Tour an underground tunnel that connects military barracks with the Royal Palace of Naples. Galleria Borbonica is a history museum featuring sculptures, an ancient aqueduct, and memorabilia from World War II when the tunnel functioned as a bomb shelter. A visit to the museum is a fascinating experience and offers great insight into Naples from a different era.  Castles: San Ferdinando is home to two stunning castles and both are worth your time. Castel Nuovo is the more grand of the two, situated near the Port of Naples. Castel dell’Ovo is south, in the sea, for some truly spectacular vistas of the Gulf of Naples and Mount Vesuvius. 

Best Places to Stay in the San Ferdinando

Where to Stay in Naples Italy Best Places to Stay in the San Ferdinando

San Ferdinando district offers a wide variety of hotels for most budgets. The assortment of budget hotels is lacking, but the district has countless private apartments that are very cheap, and great for solo travelers who don’t want to overspend on accommodation in Naples. 

The more affordable hotels are in the Spanish Quarter, while the best lavish hotels sit on the seafront of Santa Lucia. There’s truly something for everyone here, making San Ferdinando a great area for nearly all travelers in Naples. 

Real Giardinetto a Toledo

Real Giardinetto a Toledo is a budget hotel in the San Ferdinando’s Spanish Quarter. It’s one of the best hotels for families in Naples because the rooms are large, and most include four beds. Double rooms are available, but it’s worth noting that they’re not much cheaper than the quadruple rooms. 

Kids can stay at the hotel for free, and cots are available to all guests upon request. Every room has an ensuite bathroom, and all rooms except for the suite feature a private balcony. The suite makes up for the lack of a terrace with an ensuite spa that includes a sauna and a hot tub. 

Nightly rates for the hotel Real Giardinetto a Toledo start at 95€. It’s a little pricey for a budget hotel, but still a good deal for this neighborhood, especially considering the quality of rooms and service offered by the hotel. See Rates and Availability

Relais sul Mare Boutique Hotel

Relais sul Mare is a fabulous boutique hotel in the Santa Lucia neighborhood. It’s a four-star hotel with spacious rooms that perfectly blend modern and classic design. 

The cheapest hotel rooms here start at 160€, which is honestly low for the quality of service. Especially since breakfast is included in that rate, and all guests can choose if they want to have it in the restaurant or their room. 

The best rooms at this hotel are the ones with views of the sea, and those start at 230€. All guests have access to an ensuite bathroom, a flat-screen TV, a mini bar, and a coffee machine. Check rates and availability

Grand Hotel Vesuvio

Grand Hotel Vesuvio is the best luxury hotel in Naples. It’s the only five-star hotel on the seafront, with a premium service, spacious classic rooms, and the best views in Naples. 

The hotel’s rooftop terrace features a lounge area with a seasonal pool and sprawling views of the sea. On one side you can see all the boats moored at the Naples port, and on the other, you have an interrupted view of the ancient Ovo Castle. 

The hotel rooms are clean, spacious, and equipped with ensuite bathrooms full of luxury toiletries. Breakfast is included in the nightly rate of the rooms, which starts at 560€ for non-refundable reservations. Check here for rates and availability

Where to Stay in Naples Italy Chaia

Chaia is the seafront neighborhood of Naples, bordering Vomero in the north and San Ferdinando in the east. It’s an upscale part of the city known for designer shops, elegant lounge bars, and seafood restaurants. In other words, it’s one of the more expensive districts in Naples. 

While it’s not a great area for travelers on a tight budget in Italy, Chaia offers the peace and quiet that the more central Naples districts lack. For travelers who are prioritizing safety and serenity, this is one of the best neighborhoods in the city. 

Chaia has good public transport connections to the historic center of Naples. It’s not within walking distance of the city’s most famous attractions, but 15-20 minutes on the metro will get you to the center of all action. 

Where to Stay in Naples Italy Pros and Cons of Chaia

Pros and Cons of Chaia


Easy beach access Panoramic views of the sea  Public transport access to central Naples


Pricey restaurants and hotels Far from the historic center No metro access in the central area of Chaia 

Highlights of Staying in Chaia

Where to Stay in Naples Italy Highlights of Staying in Chaia

You won’t find countless historic landmarks in Chaia. What you will find is a historic covered market, a sprawling public park, beaches, and numerous high-end and designer boutiques. And whenever you wish to roam around the streets of Centro Storico, just jump on the public transport and you’ll be there in 15-20 minutes. 

Villa Comunale: The vast city park of Villa Comunale is a serene green space near the sea. With beautifully landscaped French-style gardens, fountains, and sculptures, this is the perfect place to go whenever you need a break from the crowds of Naples’ narrow alleys.  Mappatella Beach: Naples is a seaside city, and ultimately that means beaches. Mappatella Beach is a stretch of sand below the public park and a great place for a morning swim. Just watch out for pickpockets and don’t leave your belongings unattended.  Toretta Market: The covered Toretta market is a great place for shopping with dozens of stalls selling everything from fresh salmon to mascara. I will say that the scent here is quite strong, so you might want to avoid the place if you’re sensitive to smell. But if you’re not, visit the historic market for some excellent affordable shopping opportunities.  Museo Pignatelli: Situated north of the Villa Comunale Park, Museo Pignatelli is an elegant museum in a neo-Renaissance mansion. Visit to see the lavish 19th-century furnishings, gorgeous artworks, and horse carriages of yore. 

Best Places to Stay in Chaia

Where to Stay in Naples Italy Best Places to Stay in Chaia

Chaia is a good neighborhood to stay in if you don’t mind being outside the city center. With a vast public park, easy beach access, and many upscale shops, this part of Naples is ideal for travelers who want to be away from the crowds of the historic city center. 

Hotels in Chaia are more expensive than in other parts of the city but usually justify the cost with the amenities and quality of service. Some even offer private boat transfers, so let’s get into the best hotels in Chaia. 

Hotel Mergellina

Hotel Mergellina is a 3-star hotel in the western part of Chaia. It’s close to the marina, the covered Toretta market, and the Mergellina metro station. From this affordable hotel, it’s only 20 minutes to the historic heart of Naples. 

All hotel rooms feature private bathrooms and balconies with views of the city. Breakfast is included in the cost of the room, which starts at around 110€ for two people. A discounted rate is available to solo travelers. 

Chaia is an upscale neighborhood in Naples, and Hotel Mergellina is one of the most affordable hotels in the area. It’s a solid option for travelers who don’t want to overspend on accommodation but still value cleanliness, friendly staff, and a convenient location. Check here for rates and availability.

Palazzo Alabardieri

Palazzo Alabardieri is a four-star hotel in the eastern part of Chaia. The location is excellent because it’s close to the beach, park, and San Ferdinando. Several bus stops are in close proximity to the hotel, and the closest metro and train station (Piazza Amadeo) is just a 10-minute walk away.  

Hotel guests also have access to a powerboat for private tours and transfers to nearby islands. All the rooms are decorated in elegant color themes, each with a private bathroom, minibar, and a flat-screen TV.

Breakfast is included in all the nightly rates, which start at approximately 300€ for non-refundable reservations. The hotel also boasts an American bar perfect for a nightcap after a long day of exploring Naples. Check here for rates and availability.

Grand Hotel Parker’s

Situated at Chaia’s northern border with Vomero, Grand Hotel Parker’s is one of the best luxury hotels in Naples. It’s got spacious rooms and suites with extra-large, comfortable beds, and ensuite marble bathrooms. Breakfast in the room is included in the nightly rate. 

Only the lowest-priced hotel rooms offer a view of the inner courtyard. All the other rooms offer panoramic views of the sea and a private balcony. If you’re already splurging on accommodation in Naples, you might as well get a room with the best view in the city. 

The hotel’s bars and restaurants are situated on the top floors, for a spectacular ambiance. George Restaurant is the best in the hotel, and it’s got a Michelin star to prove it. A night at this spectacular hotel starts at approximately 505€, but rooms with a view of the sea are at least 100€ extra. Check rates and availability here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Stay in Naples Italy Frequently Asked Questions

What Area of Naples Italy is the Best to Stay in?

The historic center (Centro Storico) is the best area to stay in Naples, Italy. San Ferdinando and also excellent for first-time and returning visitors, as well as the seafront neighborhood of Chaia. 

What Is The Safest Part of Naples, Italy?

Centro Storico, San Ferdinando, Vomero, and Chiaia are the safest parts of Naples, Italy. Any area of the city frequented by tourists is safe, and you shouldn’t expect any trouble in Naples if you base yourself in the central city districts. 

How Many Days Should I Spend in Naples? 

You should spend at least 2 days in Naples. A stay of 3-5 days is ideal for truly immersing yourself in the city and its culture, plus exploring some destinations outside of Naples. But two days is enough for the top sights in the central area of the city. 

Is It Better to Stay in Naples or Amalfi Coast? 

It’s better to stay in Naples. The city offers easy access to Amalfi Coast, but also to Capri and Sicily. 

Where Not to Stay in Naples

Where to Stay in Naples Italy Where Not to Stay

Naples has a bad reputation for safety, but avoiding trouble in the city is not an issue for most people. While the outskirts of the city are somewhat dangerous, pickpockets are the only thing you need to worry about in the central areas of Naples. And even they won’t be a problem if you stick to all the classic ways to avoid being a target. 

Scampia and Forcella are some of the places it’s best to avoid entirely while in Naples. They’re known for drug trafficking and are a hotspot for mafia operations, so they’re genuinely not places where tourists should go. 

Also, try to avoid the area around the central station at night. There are a lot of tourists and locals here, and that ultimately translates to many pickpockets and opportunistic thieves. It’s generally not a dangerous area, but you might see some sketchy characters at night and it’s best to play it safe. 

Geography of Naples

Where to Stay in Naples Italy Geography of Naples

Naples is built on slopes and the city has several hilly areas. While the historic center and the seaside neighborhoods are mostly flat, the hilltop Vomero is connected to the lower parts of the city with a funicular. 

Also, a big part of central Naples is protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which means that it can’t be altered much. That’s why there’s no metro or tram in the center of Naples, only on the outskirts. Buses can help you get around, but for the most, exploring the city includes quite a bit of walking. 

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