Where to Stay in Rome: Our Favourite Places And Neighbourhoods (2024)

Where to Stay in Rome: Our Favourite Places And Neighbourhoods (2024)

So you’ve finally bit the bullet and are planning that trip to Rome? That’s fantastic, and I’m sure you’ll love the city every bit as much as I did. And if you need help figuring out where to stay in Rome, you’re in the right place because I’ve got hotel recommendations in all the best neighborhoods! 

From the best boutique hotels in Trastevere to the top luxury hotels in the Eternal City, this guide offers something to every type of traveler. I’ve got a place in mind whether you want to stay around the corner from the Trevi fountain or far from the noise and crowds of Rome’s historic center. 

The Roman Forum in Rome Italy

You should listen to me because I practically became an expert on Rome after visiting at least 6 times over the years. I learned how to avoid most tourist traps, see (almost) all the sights that interested me, how to find accommodations appropriate for my budget and travel preferences. Combine that with the amount of times Dave and Deb have visited and you will see why we know the best places to stay in Rome.

Where To Stay In Rome

Keep two things in mind when booking a hotel in Rome – the location of the accommodation in relation to public transport and the density of tourist crowds in the area. The city is massive and it’s not realistic to walk everywhere all the time, especially if you’re in town for a while. Buses are the slowest mode of public transport, but the main one for getting around Centro Storico. 

Trams and metro are faster, with the latter being the quickest option for traveling from, say, the Colosseum to the Spanish Steps, but they don’t cover the city as extensively. As for the crowds, let’s just say that if you don’t like being in a sea of people, you will not enjoy exploring Rome’s historic center. Book a hotel farther from the tourist areas to experience a more quiet and peaceful vibe in this mega-popular metropolis. 

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Where We Stayed in Rome

Dave and Seb stayed at Hotel Nazionale in Centro Storico for the first time and recommend it to other travelers who prefer a centrally located hotel. All the top sights are within walking distance, and you’ll enjoy spacious rooms with comfy beds. 

I stayed at Morgagni House, and I recommend it to travelers on a tight budget who want to get the best value for money. If you don’t mind riding the metro, you’re only 15 minutes away from the heart of Rome. 

Trastevere: Our Recommendation 

Trastevere neighbourhood in RomeTrastevere neighbourhood in Rome

Trastevere is a trendy neighborhood separated from Ancient Rome by the River Tiber. Anyone can stay here and enjoy it; most of the popular attractions in the historic center are within walking distance, but the crowds are nowhere near as bad as in Centro Storico. 

Also, the hotels in Trastevere are cheaper than those on the right bank of the River Tiber, with plenty of options in every price range. The same can be said for restaurants and bars; from fancy rooftop lounges to cheap local bars, Trastevere is one of Rome’s best areas for nightlife and Italian cuisine. 

The area is walkable and offers plenty of interesting sights every few steps. Go for a 15-minute walk from your hotel, and you’ll stumble upon a fantastic church but also a quaint cobblestone alley decorated with plants and statues. 

restaurant in Trastevere Rome for dinnerrestaurant in Trastevere Rome for dinner

Pros and Cons of Staying in Trastevere


Fewer crowds than in the historic center 
Cheaper hotels and restaurants 
Good nightlife 


Not a super central neighborhood 
No metro stations 
Fewer historic landmarks 

Highlights of Staying in Trastevere 

Trastevere doesn’t offer as many famous landmarks as Rome’s historic center, but it does have several spectacular basilicas with exquisite interiors.  

Janiculum Hill is home to a panoramic terrace that offers a fantastic view of Rome. It’s well worth the uphill climb, especially if you stop by the Botanical Garden of Rome on the way up. 
The Basilica of Saint Cecilia is situated in the western part of Trastevere, near the river. You can enter the church for free, and you should absolutely do it because the painted ceiling is one of the best things I’ve seen in my life. 
Basilica of Santa Maria is a grand church on Piazza Santa Maria that is famous for its opulent gold interior. Featuring 22 Roman columns and mosaics that date back to the 12th century, this fantastic church leaves no visitor indifferent. 

Best Places to Stay in Trastevere 

where to stay in rome trastevere santa mariawhere to stay in rome trastevere santa maria

In Trastevere, it’s best to stay either in the north or in the southeast of the neighborhood – as long as you’re within walking distance of a bridge over the Tiber River, you’re good. Hotels in the north are closer to Prati and the Vatican, while those in the southeast are closer to the Colosseum and Roman Forum. 

Villa Agrippina Gran Meliá

Villa Agrippina Gran Meliá is Trastevere’s only five-star hotel and the best option in the neighborhood for luxury travelers. It’s a ten-minute walk from The Vatican and Castel Sant Angelo and just 15 minutes from Piazza Navona in historic Rome. 

The hotel offers spacious rooms with modern ensuite bathrooms and decorations in the form of stunning Roman art. My favorite part of this charming hotel is the garden, which features an outdoor swimming pool. The pool might not be special on its own, but coupled with the fabulous views of Castel Sant Angelo and Vatican City, it’s easily the best thing about the hotel. 

This excellent hotel boasts three restaurants and two bars, some of which observe seasonal working hours. Enjoy refreshing cocktails by the pool in the summer, but head into the library for some warm tea if you come to Rome in the winter. 

Loly Boutique Hotel 

Loly Boutique Hotel is a chic four-star hotel with a nice rooftop terrace bar. It offers beautiful modern rooms with ensuite bathrooms, TVs, and desks. Every room also has either a private patio or a balcony, which is a nice touch. 

In terms of room amenities, all guests will have access to free WiFi, a kettle in the room, and a fridge. As far as other facilities go, Loly Boutique Hotel prides itself on offering a fantastic restaurant and bar on-site. 

The only thing that I’m not entirely happy about is the hotel location. It is great for exploring Trastevere but slightly less convenient for getting to other areas of Rome as it’s not close to the metro. The boutique hotel is near tram and bus stops; the tram can quickly get you to within a block of Largo di Torre Argentina, which is a good starting point for exploration of the historic center. 

Bloom Hotel Rome

Bloom Hotel Rome is a three-star hotel with a surprisingly nice interior. If you’re planning to go to Rome in the off-season, this might just be the best hotel for you because the average nightly rate in the fall is around $120 for two travelers. 

That’s a good deal considering that all the rooms are spacious and include a private bathroom, TV, and a desk. Also, it’s not just because the rooms are well-equipped; they’re all beautifully decorated with colorful wallpaper and sleek modern furniture. You can get a private bathroom and a TV in a cheaper 2-star hotel, but they’ll usually look like something out of a previous century. 

The location of this budget hotel is great as it’s within walking distance of the Vatican and very close to public transport stations that can take you into the heart of Ancient Rome in 10-15 minutes. 

Centro Storico: Best For Sightseeing 

Trevi Fountain in Centro-Storico neighbourhood RomeTrevi Fountain in Centro-Storico neighbourhood Rome

Centro Storico is Rome’s historic center and the home of most of the sights anyone who comes to the Eternal City wants to see. It’s where you’ll find the Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, Campo de Fiori, the Pantheon, Piazza del Popolo, and almost everything else Rome is famous for around the world. 

The historic center is where Dave and Deb stayed and is also home to some amazing fine-dining restaurants and shops, ranging from indie boutiques to popular chain stores. Unfortunately, it’s also the most crowded part of Rome, and that’s the main reason why someone wouldn’t want to book a hotel here. 

Accommodation in Centro Storico sells out fast. Unless you’re planning the trip many months ahead, you might struggle to find a room in one of the area’s best hotels. 

the Pantheon in Centro Storico Romethe Pantheon in Centro Storico Rome

Pros and Cons of Staying in Centro Storico 


Home to many of Rome’s major attractions
Countless options for restaurants 
Plenty of hotels to choose from 


Extremely crowded 
Expensive hotels 
Lots of tourist traps 

Highlights of Staying in Centro Storico 

Centro Storico is packed with historic sights and interesting things to do. The ones below are just some of the best, but they’re certainly not the only noteworthy sights! 

Campo de’ Fiori is an open-air market on the namesake square. It’s a bit of a tourist trap, but the prices aren’t outrageous, and they’ve got some really interesting souvenirs. Just watch your belongings, as the market is often packed with people and it’s frequented by pickpockets. 
Trevi Fountain is the highlight of any visit to Rome. Nicola Salvi’s rococo fountain draws tourists from all over the world and is jam-packed throughout the day. But it’s every bit as stunning in person as it is in photos.  
The Spanish Steps on Piazza di Spagna are another iconic Rome sight that’s busy pretty much all the time. The place is worth visiting despite the crowds; many people hang out on the square, but I recommend you go all the way up for a fabulous view of Rome’s rooftops.  
Piazza del Popolo is a sprawling city square known for the Flaminio Obelisk and tall city gates. The best way to experience it is to come by metro to Flaminio station, and as you exit you need to pass through the massive gate, over the square, and through Via del Corso into the city center. 

Best Places To Stay In Centro Storico 

Walking streets in Centro Storico in romeWalking streets in Centro Storico in rome

One good thing about Centro Storico is that, no matter where you stay, you will be within walking distance of an ancient Roman landmark. The heart of the Eternal City features countless interesting attractions, making it one of the best areas for tourists who want to stay in the part of Rome steeped in history. 

Harry’s Bar Trevi Hotel & Restaurant

If you’re going to stay at a five-star hotel in the heart of Rome, then it might as well be one just around the corner from the Trevi Fountain. Harry’s Bar Trevi Hotel & Restaurant is a luxury hotel in the same building as Vicus Caprarius, an archeological site that offers a peek into the water system underneath the Trevi Fountain. 

The hotel offers large modern rooms with luxury furniture, an ensuite bathroom, a desk, and an extra seating area. All the rooms feature full-length mirrors, and the bathrooms are spacious and spotless. 

The fantastic rooftop terrace has to be my favorite feature of this high-end hotel. Only a few hotels in Rome can boast that they offer a view of the Trevi Fountain from their rooftop, and this is one of them!  

Hotel Nazionale 

Deb and Dave stayed at Hotel Nazionale on their last trip to Rome, and they enjoyed it enough that they want to recommend it to other travelers. The four-star hotel offers spacious rooms with classic furnishings. Every guest room has a private bathroom, a desk, a flat-screen TV, and a small seating area. 

The hotel location is amazing because it’s smack dab in the middle of Centro Storico, and you’ll always be close by if you’re just sightseeing. I must have walked past the hotel building at least twice a day, every day I was in Rome, which just goes to show how centrally situated it is. 

Breakfast is included in the nightly rate, and it’s a fabulous buffet with many savory and sweet options. The hotel also has a bar, but it lacks a proper restaurant. The good news is that at least two dozen excellent restaurants serve delicious Italian cuisine just five minutes from the lobby. 

Hotel Locanda

Hotel Locanda is one of the best affordable accommodation options in the heart of Rome. Situated just a couple of minutes from Piazza del Popolo and Flaminio metro station. The nightly rate at this hotel varies quite a bit depending on the season, but the average is around $140.

The rooms are a bit basic but offer everything you might need during your stay. Each guest room includes an ensuite bathroom, TV, desk, and an AC unit, and some even offer a private balcony. The hotel also offers triple and quadruple rooms, but these aren’t available with a balcony option. 

Stay here if you want easy walking access to Rome’s best attractions for an affordable price. Just bear in mind that this is a busy and often noisy area of the city, so it’s not exactly a quiet hotel.

Monti: Best For Nightlife & Ancient Ruins 

best place to stay in rome near Montibest place to stay in rome near Monti

Monti is a large neighborhood that partly belongs to Centro Storico but extends beyond the limits of Old Rome. It’s the part of the city where you’ll find the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, and several other iconic sights.  

The great thing about Monti is that it’s far enough from central Rome that the crowds are significantly smaller but close enough that you can walk to most attractions. And if you don’t feel like walking, there’s public transport to take you virtually anywhere else in the city. 

In addition to the countless ancient ruins, Monti is known for traditional trattorias, lively pubs, and boutique shops. It’s a good place to stay for almost anyone, whether you want to experience the nightlife in Rome or just focus on the historic landmarks. 

Monti Neighbourhood in RomeMonti Neighbourhood in Rome

Pros and Cons of Staying in Monti 


Home to some of Rome’s best sights
Excellent nightlife and shopping
Great food scene 


Hotels are pricey 
Often crowded with tourists
Lots of tourist traps 

Highlights of Staying in Monti 

Monti is home to several ancient landmarks that were once at the center of the Roman Empire. If you’re fascinated by Italy’s rich history, I don’t doubt this will be your favorite part of the city. 

The Colosseum is every bit as amazing as you’re expecting and it’s well worth the hassle to get the tickets. You can buy the tickets only online, and they’re often sold weeks in advance, so try to purchase them as soon as you start planning your trip to Rome!
The Roman Forum is included with the Colosseum ticket and it’s probably the best thing you’ll see in all of Rome. Get the pricier tickets so you can go inside all the different museums at the Roman Forum and discover fantastic artworks, interactive exhibits, and a plethora of other mesmerizing sights. 
Altare della Patria is a grandiose monument with statues, terraced steps, a museum, and marvelous city views, built to honor Italy’s first king, Victor Emmanuel II. I’m struggling to convey just how extraordinary this landmark is, and you really need to stand before it to grasp its magnitude and importance.  
Fori Imperiali is a series of smaller forums that once formed the center of the Roman Empire. They’re absolutely worth checking out, as you can walk around the area for free. But they can’t quite compare to the Roman Forum. 

Best Places To Stay in Monti 

The Colosseum in Monti area of RomeThe Colosseum in Monti area of Rome

Wherever you stay in Monti, you’ll be close to public transport stations and just around the block from an ancient landmark or building. The area has great accommodation options in every price range, including some of Rome’s best boutique hotels. 

The Fifteen Keys Hotel

The Fifteen Keys Hotel is a fantastic four-star hotel just a 15-minute walk from the Colosseum. Set close to the Cavour metro station, it boasts an excellent location that offers easy access to popular attractions all over the city. 

The guest rooms are extra spacious and equipped with comfortable double beds. Every room has an ensuite bathroom, desk, TV, and an electric kettle so you can make tea or coffee in the room. Deluxe rooms and suites also have a private balcony. 

Breakfast is included in the nightly rate of every room, and that’s always a bonus. The Fifteen Keys Hotel also offers bicycle rental and yoga classes, but there’s no wellness center or gym on the premises. 

Nerva Boutique Hotel 

Consider this excellent boutique hotel for a unique stay in one of Rome’s best areas. Nerva Boutique Hotel offers just 20 rooms, and it is situated in a stunning historic area of Rome. 

The hotel is just around the corner from Foro di Augusto and just a short walk from the Altar of the Fatherland and the Roman Forum. The Colosseum is also just down the road, so the location is perfect for an in-depth tour of Rome’s historic sights. 

The rooms are modern and cozy, with colorful touches and spotless ensuite bathrooms. Every guest will have access to a TV and free WiFi in the room, but not everyone will get a desk. The hotel has a restaurant on the premises, with delicious local cuisine. 

New Generation Hostel Rome Center

New Generation Hostel Rome Center is a good option if you’re looking for a budget stay in the historic area. Guests can choose between double rooms with private bathrooms and classic dormitory accommodation in this hostel just 10 minutes from the Colosseum. 

Cavour metro station is just a couple of minutes from the hotel, which provides easy access to other attractions in the Eternal City. The location is excellent, and there’s even a historic city tower in the building across the road from the hostel. 

All guests staying here get free breakfast and WiFi, which is great value for money, considering that the nightly rate starts at around $55.The hostel also offers a garden, kitchen facilities, and a dining area where you can mingle with other guests. 

Prati: Best For Access To Vatican City 

Prati Neighbourhood vatican romePrati Neighbourhood vatican rome

Prati is a neighborhood where I considered staying the last time I was in Rome, but ultimately decided on something else. It’s right next to Vatican City, so it’s ideal for all travelers who want to visit St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums. 

On the other hand, Prati also offers a metro connection to other areas of Rome and it’s within walking distance of Centro Storico. You can easily walk from Castel Sant Angelo to Piazza Navona, and enjoy some marvelous views along the way. 

Additionally, Prati is known for some excellent (and affordable) eateries, particularly Pastasciutta. Just walk past this tiny restaurant, and you’ll spot a bunch of people either standing around or sitting on the sidewalk devouring their pasta. 

St Peter's Bascilica Rome in the Prati areaSt Peter's Bascilica Rome in the Prati area

Pros and Cons of Staying in Prati 


Close to Vatican City 
Walking distance to popular landmarks
Great food scene


The location is not super central 
Limited nightlife options 
Somewhat higher prices 

Highlights of Staying in Prati 

Prati is an affluent neighborhood and one of the safest areas in Rome. It’s not quite as packed with attractions as Centro Storico, but it is home to several important landmarks. 

The Vatican Museums are as amazing (and crowded) as they’re rumored to be. Take a day to tour this magnificent building, see the Sistine Chapel, and marvel at the Vatican Gallery of Maps. 
St. Peter’s Basilica is the second most iconic landmark you can easily access from Prati. While I didn’t get a chance to go inside the Basilica due to a massive queue, I did stand at the square in front of it and was taken aback by the size and grandeur of the entire place. 
Castel Sant’Angelo is a wonderful historic landmark and probably the least crowded attraction I visited in Rome. We walked around the grounds and enjoyed the view of the circular castle. Go inside the building to see the Renaissance apartments and an amazing collection of statues.  

Best Places To Stay In Prati 

Staying on the Prati Neighbourhood of RomeStaying on the Prati Neighbourhood of Rome

Prati is a relatively small and walkable neighborhood with loads of hotels in every price range. Travelers on a tighter budget might struggle to find suitable accommodation, but mid-range and luxury travelers will be spoiled for choice in this affluent Rome area. 

The First Musica

The First Musica is an outstanding five-star hotel on the bank of the Tiber River. The location is fantastic because it’s just a short walk from Castel Sant Angelo on one side and the historic center on the other. 

The luxury hotel offers spacious rooms with modern furnishings and floor-to-ceiling windows. The best rooms offer a view of the river, but the city views from rooms on the other side of the hotel aren’t too shabby either. Every room has a private bathroom, flat-screen TV, and a coffee machine with an excellent choice of coffee capsules. 

Other hotel facilities include a bar and two restaurants, as well as select wellness services. Guests can book massages and beauty treatments for an extra cost, but there’s no proper spa center or fitness center on the hotel premises. 

Apollo Boutique Hotel

Consider Apollo Boutique Hotel even if you’re not specifically interested in the Prati area but are just looking for the best hotels in the city. It’s down the road from the Lepanto metro station and just a short walk from Piazza del Popolo, so the location is superb. 

This hotel offers large rooms with comfortable beds and modern furnishings. Colorful accents are included in the decor of every room, giving them that little extra charm. 

Every guest room features an ensuite bathroom, seating area, TV, and a desk. The hotel also offers free WiFi and breakfast, plus it has a garden that all guests are welcome to frequent. And it even has a bar on-site. 

Eccelso Hotel

Eccelso Hotel is an affordable option close to the entrance into Vatican City, so it is great for travelers who want to focus more on this part of Rome. The Ottaviano metro station is just a few minutes from the hotel, allowing you to reach the Spanish Steps in 10-15 minutes. 

The rooms are surprisingly nice and spacious, considering that the nightly rate starts at roughly $90. Every guest room includes a private bathroom with free toiletries, a desk, a kettle, and a flat-screen TV. 

Most rooms also have an additional seating area and sizeable closet space. The hotel offers a breakfast service that includes coffee and some pastries, but it’s worth noting that there’s no restaurant or coffee house on-site. 

Nomentano: Best For Budget Travelers 

Porta Pia in the Nomentano NeighbourhoodPorta Pia in the Nomentano Neighbourhood

Nomentano is a neighborhood northeast of the historic center, and it’s one of the best areas of Rome for budget travelers. Most hotels here are a 40-45 minute walk from the heart of the city, and they’re generally significantly cheaper than accommodation options with a more central location. 

Is it the most exciting part of Rome you could stay in? No. But is it quiet, local, and cheaper than other areas? Absolutely, and that’s why I’m recommending it to budget travelers. Also, the neighborhood is connected with the metro to the city center, and it takes only 10 minutes to get to the Spanish Steps in the heart of Rome.

Villa Torlonia in Nomentano Neighbourhood RomeVilla Torlonia in Nomentano Neighbourhood Rome

Pros And Cons of Nomentano


Public transport connection to the city center
Cheap restaurants and hotels
Fewer tourists in the area 


Not centrally located 
Fewer landmarks and attractions 
The area around the hospital can be noisy

Highlights of Staying in Nomentano

Nomentano has fewer landmarks and historic attractions than Centro Storico and Monti, but that’s not to say that it’s entirely devoid of interesting sights. You’ll notice just a few minutes after arriving in this magical city that historic landmarks are to be found everywhere in Rome.

Villa Torlonia is Nomentano’s largest green space. The sprawling public park features fountains, statues, museums, and the gorgeous Casina delle Civette, a building that resembles something out of a fairytale. 
Piazza Bologna is the central square in this neighborhood. It’s best known for the Palazzo delle Poste building, which serves as Rome’s best example of rationalist architecture. The square is lined with cafes and restaurants, and it’s the most vibrant area of this district.  
Head into central Rome on foot from Nomentano, and you’ll have to pass through Porta Pia. The towering city gate boasts a neoclassical facade designed by Michelangelo in the 16th century.

Best Places To Stay In Nomentano 

Ponte Nomentano area in RomePonte Nomentano area in Rome

Because Nomentano is so far away from the historic center, it’s important to look for a hotel close to a metro station. Ours was right in front of it, and it rarely took more than 10 minutes to be on the train and on our way 

Hotel La Ville Rome

Nomentano is lacking in five-star hotels because it’s a residential neighborhood, so I’m suggesting this fabulous four-star hotel as the best high-end option. Situated just a short walk from Villa Torlonia and Bologna Square, the hotel offers easy walking access to the top sights in the area. 

It’s also near the metro, so you can easily travel into the city center. It offers medium-sized rooms with modern furniture. The beds are wide and cozy, while the private bathrooms feature a nice (and spotless) marble interior. Every room includes a TV, desk, a small seating area, and some nice colorful accents. 

Breakfast is included in the nightly rate for all guests, which is usually around $250. There’s also a restaurant in the hotel, as well as a bunch of local eateries just 5-10 minutes from the building. 

Mercure Roma Piazza Bologna

Mercure Roma Piazza Bologna is a three-star hotel situated on the neighborhood’s main square. The location is fantastic because you’re just a couple of minutes from the metro station. At the same time, dozens of vibrant cafes, bars, and restaurants are available in the immediate vicinity of the hotel, and they’re usually much cheaper than those in the historic center. 

The guest rooms feature double or twin beds, ensuite bathrooms, and flat-screen TVs. Everyone staying at the Mercure Hotel gets access to free WiFi and a coffee/tea maker in the room. 

The hotel offers a bar and a fitness center but no restaurant. However, I don’t think that’s necessarily a downside since there are so many places to eat in the surroundings that most people wouldn’t want to eat at the hotel restaurant anyway. 

Morgagni House  

Morgagni House is a guesthouse with private rooms I stayed in on my last trip to Rome. I went with a friend, and we paid a total of $345 for five nights, which came out to roughly $35 per night per person. That’s for a private room with an ensuite bathroom and free breakfast. It is a bit more expensive in the high season, but still a great deal considering what you get for the money. 

The guesthouse has just five or six rooms, and we very rarely encountered other guests during our stay. The breakfast bar is in front of the bedrooms and features a coffee/tea machine, microwave, cereal, and other snacks. We were given croissants every morning (sometimes fresh, sometimes pre-packaged), butter, jam, and Nutella for our breakfast. It wasn’t the best breakfast I’ve ever had at the hotel, but it did keep us afloat for a couple of hours until it was time for lunch.

The room was nice; it was nothing special, but it had a desk, minifridge, TV, and a table with two chairs where we ate breakfast every morning. The bathroom was quite spacious, and the entire room was generally clean, apart from some dust from the way behind the radiators. 

I really liked the location of this guesthouse; it was just a couple of minutes from the Policlinico metro station, which allowed us to travel into the heart of Rome in just 10-15 minutes. Bus and tram stops were also available within minutes of the building. 

Aventino-Testaccio: Best For Returning Visitors

I’ve realized that Aventino-Testaccio is possibly the best place to stay in Rome if it’s your second or third time in the city. The area stretches from Circus Maximus to the Roma Ostiense station, encompassing historic landmarks, bustling markets, and affordable local eateries. 

Stay here, and you’ll be within walking distance of fantastic sights, some of which I came to see all the way from Nomentano. Trastevere will be just across the river, while the Piramide metro station offers easy access to northern Rome. Switch trains at Termini, and you can be at the heart of Centro Storico in no time. 

Aventino-Testaccio is conveniently located, but at the same time, it’s far from the busiest parts of the city, so you don’t have to deal with the crowds of historic Rome. And hotels here are generally more affordable, so you can save quite a bit of money. 

Giardino degli Aranci in Testaccio Neighbourhood in RomeGiardino degli Aranci in Testaccio Neighbourhood in Rome

Pros and Cons of Staying in Aventino-Testaccio 


Affordable hotels
Home to unique landmarks and sights 
Great local restaurants and cafes


Quite far from Centro Storico 
Not as many luxury hotels
Fewer locals speak English

Highlights of Staying in Aventino-Testaccio 

We’re still in Rome, so expect a bunch of ancient landmarks and historic ruins, even in a suburban area like this one. Some of the best places I visited during my entire stay in the Italian capital were in Aventino-Testaccio, so I don’t doubt you’ll enjoy yourself if you stay here. 

Giardino degli Aranci was one of the best places I visited in Rome. It’s a bit of an uphill walk to this fantastic garden, but it’s all worth it for the fantastic view of the city’s rooftops. There are usually locals playing live music here, and the vibe is very relaxed and fun. 
Testaccio is well known for its food scene, and the Testaccio market embodies this best. Boasting more than a hundred different food stalls, this is the place to come in Rome for cheap snacks on the go. And you’ll get better prices than at Campo de’ Fiori. 
Baths of Caracalla is one of the places I didn’t get to see because I got very sick on my third day in Rome. Prioritize it so you don’t miss out; the archeological site boasts ruins of thermal baths, and it is glorious. The best thing about it, though, is that the crowds are nowhere near as bad as in Centro Storico. 
Circus Maximus is essentially just a vast field. It is a bit of an underwhelming sight, but I still think the history makes it a magical place. Stand there and imagine how, thousands of years ago, chariot races took place at the exact spot where you are! 

Best Places To Stay in Aventino-Testaccio

Baths of Caracalla Aventino-Testaccio area in RomeBaths of Caracalla Aventino-Testaccio area in Rome

Aventino-Testaccio is a walkable area with lots of interesting sights, but it’s best to base yourself in the eastern part of the neighborhood, close to the metro line. That way, you can still reach all the landmarks here on foot and be a 15-minute metro ride from the heart of Rome. 

Hotel The Corner Roma

There are no five-star hotels in Aventino-Testaccio, so a fabulous four-star hotel is the best option for a luxury stay. The spacious guest rooms boast soundproof walls and elegant furniture, while the large and comfy double beds promise a good night’s sleep. 

The hotel is just a five-minute walk from the Circo Massimo metro station. And if that’s too far, both the tram and bus stop right in front of the hotel building. The location is excellent for sightseeing in Testaccio, but also for easy access to the more tourist areas of Rome. 

All the guest rooms have TVs, desks, and coffee makers. There’s a private bathroom in every room, although I must note that it’s not always separated from the rest of the room with a wall. But there are ways to ensure total privacy in the bathroom, which is what matters. 

San Anselmo

The four-star San Anselmo hotel is an excellent option if you’re looking for a unique stay in Rome. It’s in a villa, in a lush and more suburban part of this neighborhood, where you can enjoy the peace and quiet that are almost unimaginable in the historic center. 

What’s most interesting about this hotel is that it is set in a 19th-century villa with a private garden. The villa boasts guest rooms with elegant and classic furnishings. A private bathroom is available in every room, as well as a TV and a minibar. 

Breakfast is included in the nightly rate, which is around $180 in the off-season. Also, there’s a lovely terrace in the garden where guests can hang out and enjoy breakfast when the weather is nice. 

Circus Maximus B&B

Circus Maximus B&B is an affordable bed and breakfast with a fantastic location in Aventino-Testaccio. It’s just a few minutes away from the metro station, and in total a 15-minute walk from the Colosseum, so you can easily explore the best sights in this part of Rome on foot. 

The average nightly rate is around $150, which includes breakfast consisting of sweet, pre-packed foods like croissants and spreads. Every guest room has a private bathroom, flat-screen TV, and a desk area. Guests also use the free WiFi, and the B&B even offers luggage storage and daily housekeeping. 

The building has a lift, which is convenient if you’re coming to Rome with lots of luggage. At least five different places to eat are located immediately next to the B&B, with dozens of more options if you’re willing to walk just 10 minutes from the building.

Where To Stay In Rome FAQ’s

Which part of Rome is best to stay in? 

Trastevere is overall the best part of Rome to stay in, offering good value for money and easy access to the city center. Testaccio is also worth considering, especially if you’re returning to Rome. 

What is the best area for first-timers in Rome? 

Trastevere is our top pick for first-timers in Rome. Centro Storico and Monti are also good if you don’t mind the crowds. 

Where to avoid staying in Rome?

Avoid staying in the area surrounding Roma Termini station. It is the seediest part of the city known for criminal activity.  

What is the safest district to stay in Rome?

Prati is generally the safest district to stay in Rome. Testaccio is also pretty safe as it is mostly residential and suburban. 

Where Not To Stay In Rome

I don’t recommend staying in the area near Rome Termini. It might seem like a good place to stay because it’s got great public transport connections and a plethora of cheap hotels, but it’s the shadiest part of the city. We saw quite a few homeless people sleeping on the street near the station, and people I’d be afraid to encounter if I were walking alone at night. 

Am I being judgemental when I say that? Perhaps, but we were two young women in a foreign country and had to take all the necessary precautions to ensure our safety. Not staying near Roma Termini was one of those, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

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